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Command Artifacts | Artifacts that Add Command List Slots

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This is a list of Artifacts which grant additional Command List Slots to the player in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn which Artifacts have this effect.

What are Command List Slots?

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Players have a limited selection of actions they can equip to their Command List, including the always-set Attack and Defend options, as well as Spells and consumable Items. To add more options available at once, a player will need to add additional Command List Slots, which is where these Artifacts come in handy!

Recommended Number of Command Slots

We highly suggest atleast having 3 extra command slots for your character (not including attack and defend). One for an offensive magicite which can be used for spell fusions, a free magicite for cure, and another slot for a phoenix down. Having more command slots for more phoenix down may help but learning how to quickly equip a phoenix down can make extra command slots obsolete.

To quickly equip a phoenix down, when exiting the menu, leave your cursor on the phoenix down slot, when you die, simply turn on the menu and press the confirm button twice. This will case the cursor to automatically select the now empty slot and quickly replace it with a phoenix down.

Artifacts that Add Command List Slots

Artifact Dungeons / Boss Drops

Effect: Gain one command slot
Daemon's Court (All & Boss)
Moschet Manor (Cycle 1 & Boss)
Selepation Cave (Boss)
Tida (All & Boss)

Effect: Gain one command slot
Conall Curach (Boss)
Lynari Desert (All & Boss)
Rebena Te Ra (All & Boss)

Effect: Gain one command slot
Goblin Wall (All & Boss)
River Belle Path (All & Boss)
The Mine of Cathuriges (Cycle 2 & 3 & Boss)
The Mushroom Forest (Cycle 1 & 3 & Boss)
Tida (All & Boss)

Effect: Gain one command slot
Miasma Pit (Treasure Chest)
The Mine of Cathuriges (Boss)

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