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4 Niniover 2 yearsReport

Hello! A question regarding Bonus Points and Boss sets: If I go to Tida on Cycle 3 in a Solo playthrough, do I need to reach the bonus points listed for 1P on the lists here to qualify for Set 8 to possibly drop? I'm currently trying to farm for better gear and need the scroll for a Selkie acc, which Armstrong drops in set 8, but havent fully grasp the system behind Bonus Points and Set chances yet. Thanks in advance!

3 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

its a glitch for the lite version or if you have played with someone who has already done it in there game then joined yours i play on the full game on the switch solo and had to do the all the steps to unlock the unknown element

2 Anonymousover 2 yearsReport

Same happened to me. I think it's a purposeful change in the remake.

1 Lexover 2 yearsReport

So in lynari dessert where u usually do all that stuff to get the holy element I headed north along the right wall and the holy element was already there! I was confused as I did not do any of the things required to get it yet? I then proceeded like I would and I cast thunder on the cactus and nothing no cut scene or anything is this a glitch?

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