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List of Post-Game Weapons and Equipment

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This is a list of all post-game weapons and equipment in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see a list of all the new shiny weapons, armour, and accessories in the game!

All Post-Game Weapons

Clavats Post-Game Weapons

Name Strength Scroll
Chronicle Sword
33 Beginnings Weapon
Vanitas Sword
33 Empty Weapon
Acies Fang
33 Noble Weapon
57 Twilight Weapon
Blaze Nova
57 Dawn Weapon

Lilties Post-Game Weapons

Name Strength Scroll
Chronicle Lance
33 Beginnings Weapon
Vanitas Lance
33 Empty Weapon
Acies Lance
33 Noble Weapon
40 Sealed Weapon
40 Aurora Weapon

Yukes Post-Game Weapons

Name Strength Scroll
Chronicle Bird
33 Beginnings Weapon
Vanitas Soul
33 Empty Weapon
Acies Horn
33 Noble Weapon
Queen Rouge
56 Smoldering Weapon
Frost Magia
56 Gelid Weapon
Evil Keraunos
56 Storm Weapon

Selkies Post-Game Weapons

Name Strength Scroll
Chronicle Leaf
33 Beginnings Weapon
Vanitas Paddle
33 Empty Weapon
Acies Blaster
33 Noble Weapon
Fairy Tale
54 Garden Weapon
54 Paradise Weapon

Post-Game Armor

Post Game Armor

Name Defense Effect
Pom-Pom Cloak 25 Resist Curse +2
Valkyrie Mail 25 Resist Stop +2
Heretical Robe 25 Resist Stone +2
Dragon Mail 25 Resist Poison +2
Chronicle Mail 25 Resist Lightning +2
Vanitas Mail 25 Resist Fire +2
Acies Armor 25 Resist Ice +2

Post Game Accessory

Name Defense Effect
Wiseman Soul - Magic Damage +15

Character Exclusive Post-Game Armor

Clavats Post-Game Armor

Name Defense Effect
Storm Chronicle 20 Resist Lightning +2
Vanitas Shield 20 Resist Fire +2
Heretical Shield 23 Resist Stone +2
Dragon Shield 23 Resist Poison +2
Acies Shield 23 Resist Ice +2
Moogle Shield 23 Resist Curse +2
Valkyrie Shield 25 Resist Stop +2
Glorious Bird 28 -

Lilties Post-Game Armor

Name Defense Effect
Glorious Gloves 18 Focus Attack Range Up
Chronicle Gloves 20 Resist Lightning +2
Vanitas Gloves 20 Resist Fire +2
Acies Gloves 20 Resist Ice +2
Valkyrie Gloves 23 Resist Stop +2
Heretical Gloves 23 Resist Stone +2
Dragon Gloves 23 Resist Poison +2
Moogle Gloves 23 Resist Curse +2

Yukes Post-Game Armor

Name Defense Effect
Glorious Helm 18 Magic Range Up
Chronicle Helm 20 Resist Lightning +2
Vanitas Helm 20 Resist Fire +2
Acies Helm 20 Resist Ice +2
Valkyrie Helm 23 Resist Stop +2
Heretical Helm 23 Resist Stone +2
Dragon Helm 23 Resist Poison +2
Moogle Visor 23 Resist Curse +2

Selkies Post-Game Armor

Name Defense Effect
Glorious Belt 18 Magic Range Up
Chronicle Belt 20 Resist Lightning +2
Vanitas Belt 20 Resist Fire +2
Acies Buckle 20 Resist Ice +2
Valkyrie Belt 23 Resist Stop +2
Heretical Buckle 23 Resist Stone +2
Dragon Buckle 23 Resist Poison +2
Moogle Buckle 23 Resist Curse +2

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2 Anonymousalmost 2 years

Lilties post weapons are 60 not 40 please fix this, thank you

1 Anonymousalmost 4 years

So, we've got the Shields, Gloves, Helms, and Belts. But what about the pieces of equipment that's actually called "Armor"?


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