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The Legendary Weapon (?) Sidequest Walkthrough | Treasured Weapon Sidequest

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This is a guide to the sidequest Legendary Weapon in Final fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to know about the treasured weapon sidequest, it's rewards, and how to complete it.

The Treasured Weapon Prerequisites and Rewards

Requirements Obtain Mom's letter about a legendary weapon, blacksmith home job
Rewards Treasured Weapon

The Treasured weapon is a rare equipment that is exclusive to a blacksmith family. It doesn't offer the best stats but is a rare collectible nonetheless.

The Treasured Weapon Sidequest Walkthrough

Obtaining Mom's Letter

Ariadne Mom.jpg
Obtaining the letter is random. You can get it anytime as long as you keep collecting Myrrh. Once you obtain the letter, simply reply No, I don't need it to the letter to proceed the quest.


You will obtain a reply from your mother after collecting Myrrh with a simple title called Wow. She will note that your father has tempered the weapon and they couldn't resist giving it to you. You will not recieve the item from the letter but will find it in your inventory soon.

Treasured Weapon Series

Treasured Sword Treasured Maul
Treasured Spear Treasured Hammer

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