Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

List of Accessory Scrolls

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This is a list of Scrolls which can be used to craft Accessories in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Check each Scroll's page for details on where to find it, and the Materials and gil needed to craft each Accessory!

List of Accessory Scrolls

Scroll Craftable Equipment
Currently UnavailableAngel Kit Angel's Earring
Currently UnavailableBlue Yarn Blue Misanga
Currently UnavailableBook of Wisdom Wiseman Soul
Currently UnavailableBrigandology Thief's Emblem
Currently UnavailableClockwork Accurate Watch
Currently UnavailableDaemon Kit Devil's Earring
Currently UnavailableDesigner Glasses Twisted Scope
Currently UnavailableDesigner Goggles Eagle Goggles
Currently UnavailableEyewear Techniques Twisted Spectacles
Currently UnavailableFaerie Kit Pixie's Earring
Currently UnavailableFashion Kit Jade Bracer
Currently UnavailableFiend Kit Daemon's Earring
Currently UnavailableFlame Craft Badge of the Flame
Currently UnavailableForbidden Tome Elemental's Soul
Currently UnavailableFrost Craft Badge of the Frost
Currently UnavailableGoggle Techniques Power Goggles
Currently UnavailableGold Craft Gold Necklace
Currently UnavailableHealing Kit Headband of Healing
Currently UnavailableLady's Accessories Flower Bracer
Currently UnavailableLightning Craft Badge of the Thunderbolt
Currently UnavailableNew Clockwork Unfaltering Watch
Currently UnavailableRing of Invincibility Force Ring
Currently UnavailableRing of Light Crystal Ring
Currently UnavailableSecrets of Speed Talisman of Speed
Currently UnavailableSecrets of Wisdom Talisman of Wisdom
Currently UnavailableSoul of the Dragon Dragon's Heart
Currently UnavailableSoul of the Lion Lion's Heart
Currently UnavailableTome of Magic Wizard's Soul
Currently UnavailableTome of Sorcery Bishop's Soul
Currently UnavailableTome of Speed Charm of Speed
Currently UnavailableTome of Wisdom Charm of Wisdom
Currently UnavailableWhite Yarn White Misanga
Currently UnavailableZeal Kit Headband of Zeal

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