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Trophy Guide | List of Trophies

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This is the trophy guide for the Playstation 4 version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Looking to collect every trophy in the game? Read on to find out how to get every last one!

How to Get All Trophies

As the original game was only released on GameCube, Trophies are a new feature in the PS4 version of the Remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Our team is still scouting it to learn about all the Trophies available and how they are obtained. Come back soon for more details on the requirements for unlocking each Trophy!

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Trophy Guide

bronze trophy.png

List of Gold Trophies

gold trophy.png Caravan of Legend
Saved the world from the miasma.
gold trophy.png Artifact Collector
Acquired all artifacts
List of All Artifacts

List of Silver Trophies

silver trophy.png Caravan of Great Might
Felled the world's strongest monster
silver trophy.png A Princess's Gratitude
Saw all Missing Princess events.

List of Bronze Trophies

bronze trophy.png Novice Caravan
Learned the basics of adventuring from Stiltzkin
bronze trophy.png New Journeys
Felled a new monster.
bronze trophy.png A New Power
Collected an ultimate weapon.
bronze trophy.png His Memories
Saw all Black Knight events.
bronze trophy.png Desert's Poem
Saw all Gurdy the Swindler events.

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