List of Belt Scrolls | Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

This is a list of Scrolls which can be used to craft Belts in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Check each Scroll's page for details on where to find it, and the Materials and gil needed to craft each Belt!

List of Belt Scrolls

Scroll Craftable Equipment
Currently UnavailableBronze Belt Bronze Belt
Currently UnavailableDiamond Belt Diamond Belt
Currently UnavailableFlame Belt Flame Sash
Currently UnavailableFrost Belt Frost Sash
Currently UnavailableIron Belt Iron Belt
Currently UnavailableLightning Belt Storm Sash
Currently UnavailableLustrous Belt Glorious Belt
Currently UnavailableMythril Belt Mythril Belt
Currently UnavailablePure Belt Blessed Sash
Bronze Helm
Currently UnavailableWind Belt Winged Belt

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