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Sidequests List and Rewards

Missing Princess Sidequest
This is a list of all available sidequests in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to see a list of all available sidequests and their rewards.

Sidequest List and Rewards

Missing Princess

The princess of Alfitaria has gone missing! Knocfelna has asked for your help to find the missing princess!

Requirements At least Cycle 2.
Rewards 100,000 Gil.

Missing Princess Sidequest Walkthrough

Ferryman's Request

Search for the rare items Tristan has asked from you and obtain a lifetime pass to certain areas using the ferry!

Requirements Access to Leuda and Kilanda.
Rewards 50% discounts when using the Ferry to both areas
Opportunity to purchase a lifetime pass.

Ferryman's Request Sidequest Walkthrough

Treasured Weapon

Ariadne Mom.jpg
You recieved a letter detailng that you stored a Legendary Weapon when you were young. How do you reply?

Requirements Obtain Mom's letter about a legendary weapon, blacksmith home job
Rewards Treasured Weapon

Treasured Weapon Sidequest

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