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Spell Fusion - How to Fuse Spells (Combo Attacks)

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In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC), you can fuse different spells to get a new spell with a different effect or fuse similar spells to create a more powerful version of that spell. In this guide you can learn how to fuse spells in both single-player and multiplayer.

How to Fuse Spells in Single-player Mode

Fuse Spells from the Menu

The standard method for Spell Fusion in single-player is to place two or more compatible spells next to each in your Command Slots and then select the Fuse option. When you access the menu with a fusable combination, the Spells will Fuse automatically, so select Split if you would prefer to use the separate Spells.

Take note that the order will make a difference, and might result in a different spell. For example, Raise followed by one of the three elemental spells will result in Slow, while the opposite order will result in Holy.

Using Magic Strikes

Equip Flamestrike.png
Another form of Spell Fusion is fusing Magicite together with a Weapon to equip a Magic Strike. Magic Strikes will imbue your Weapon with a chance of inflicting a status effect on enemies.

You won't be able to use your currently equipped Weapon when equpping a Magic Strike from the menu, so be careful not to use a Weapon which will significantly nerf your Strength.

Name Combination Power Status Effect
Thunderstrike Thunder and weapon Varies Paralysis
Icestrike Blizzard and weapon Varies Freezing
Flamestrike Fire and weapon Varies Burning

List of Focus Attacks and Magic Strikes

Fuse Spells with Mog

Hang in There Kupo.png

Mog, your Moogle Partner, can also help cast Spells or execute Magic Strikes with you. When they say Hang in there, Kupo!, have them drop the chalice and prepare your own spell. They will then place their targeting ring on top of yours. The timing is same with Multiplayer casting.

Mog will only attempt to cast a spell once after saying this, so if it doesn't work out, you'll have to wait until next time Mog says it.

The spell Mog will use depends on their fur color, which can be changed in the Mog Paint minigame, available in any Moogle House. Be sure to color Mog with the one which matches your most-used Spells, as Mog will cast a random spell when not colored, making it hard to fuse a useful spell.

What Can Mog Do?

How to Fuse Spells in Multiplayer Mode

Fusing Spells in Multiplayer is a little bit harder, but it pays off. Players must target the same area while casting fusable spells. Several players casting together can stack their rings to create higher level Spells which are not achievable in single player mode.

Note that equipping fused Spells or Magic Strikes via the menu is not possible in multiplayer mode.

How to Time Spell Fusion

Timer Display.png

When one of the Spellcasters releases the cast button, all the other players involved in the fusion will see a timer indicating when to release the button. If all players release the button with good timing, the Spells will be fused successfully!

Using Magic Strikes


In Multiplayer mode, Magic Strikes work the same way as casting spells. One player must aim one of the three elemental Spells, and another must target an area with a Focus Attack. The Spellcaster will release the button, then the Focus Attack user must match the timer to execute the Magic Strike.

Keep in mind that Magic Strikes will not work if the Focus Attack user releases the button first.

All Spell Fusion Combinations

The resulting spell from Spell Fusion is based on the inputs and their order. In single-player mode, the order of inputs is determined by the Magicites' order in the command list, while in multiplayer mode, the order of inputs is determined by the order the spells are cast in.

Two-Spell Combinations

Result Input 1 Input 2
Fira Fire Fire
Blizzara Blizzard Blizzard
Thundara Thunder Thunder
Gravity Any element Any other element
Holy Any element Raise
Slow Raise Any element
Flamestrike Fire Any weapon
Icestrike Ice Any weapon
Thunderstrike Thunder Any weapon

Three-Spell Combinations

Result Input 1 Input 2 Input 3
Firaga* Fire Fire Fire
Blizzaga* Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard
Thundaga* Thunder Thunder Thunder
Haste Raise Cure Cure
Stop Raise Any element Any other element

*In Multiplayer mode, the -ga Spells can be cast with only two of the relevant spells. Either a -ra Spell or a -ga Spell can be cast depending on the Spell Timing.

Multiplayer-Only Spell Combinations

Result Input 1 Input 2 Input 3/4
Fira +1 Fire x3 (Timing A)
Blizzara +1 Blizzard x3 (Timing A)
Thundara +1 Thunder x3 (Timing A)
Firaga +1 Fire x3 (Timing D)
Blizzaga +1 Blizzard x3 (Timing D)
Thundaga +1 Thunder x3 (Timing D)
Fira +2 Fire x4 (Timing A)
Blizzara +2 Blizzard x4 (Timing A)
Thundara +2 Thunder x4 (Timing A)
Firaga +2 Fire x4 (Timing D)
Blizzaga +2 Blizzard x4 (Timing D)
Thundaga +2 Thunder x4 (Timing D)
Curaga Cure Cure -
Clearaga Clear Clear -
Arise Raise Raise -
Gravira All three elements (Timing C)
Graviga All three elements (Timing A)
Holyra Any element Raise Raise
Holyra +1 Any element Raise x3
Hastega Raise Cure x3
Slowga Raise Any element Any other element

List of All Magic Spells

Spell Fusion Timings

Multiple Spell Timings.png

Each fused spell has unique timers when being fused. There are five different timings in total that are needed for different spells. Generally, checking the Timer displayed in-game is enough, but some spells have multiple options available, so it can be good to know the different timing types.

Type A

Time 0.00 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 2.33
Player 1 O
Player 2 O
Player 3 O
Player 4 O

All players should cast their spells at the same time or at least right after the first player casts their spell. This is the simplest one to master.

Type B

Time 0.00 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 2.33
Player 1 O
Player 2 O
Player 3 O
Player 4 O

This is a little trickier than type A but very similar. After the first player cast their spell, the rest of the players should wait about one second then release their spells at the same time.

Type C

Time 0.00 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 2.33
Player 1 O
Player 2 O
Player 3 O
Player 4 O

For type C, players cast their spells one after the other. This may seem a bit difficult, but shouldn't be too hard after some practice.

Type D

Time 0.00 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 2.33
Player 1 O
Player 2 O O
Player 3 O O
Player 4 O O

Type D might be the hardest to master the timing for, but it results in the most powerful spells in the game so it should be worth practicing. After the first player casts their spell, each player must wait about one second for their own turn to cast.

Type E

Time 0.00 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 2.33
Player 1 O
Player 2 O
Player 3 O
Player 4 O

Type E is similar to type D with just a smaller pause in between.

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