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This is a guide on how to craft the best weapons in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (FFCC). Read on to find out which scroll and materials are necessary as well as where to find them.

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What are Ultimate Weapons?

Ultimate Weapons, named in-game as Ultima Weapons, are four of the most powerful weapons available for each race. They occur frequently throughout Square Enix games, and Crystal Chronicles is no exception.

In FFCC, they are extremely diifficult to craft, requiring leveling up of multiple characters to get all the max-level Home Jobs necessary to collect the Materials, Scroll, and Blacksmith needed to craft them. In addition, only one Ultima Weapon is craftable per save file.

That said, Ultima Weapons are not the most powerful weapons in the game. With the exception of Yukes, all Ultima Weapons' stats are surpassed by other weapons, and with the addition of Post-Game Dungeons, other, stronger weapons are available. For a list of the most powerful weapons for each race, our guide below gives the full scoop.

Best Weapons and Equipment and How to Get

List of Ultimate Weapons


Name Strength Scroll
Ultima Maul
35 Greatest Weapon
Ultima Hammer
35 Greatest Weapon
Ultima Lance
35 Greatest Weapon
Ultima Sword
35 Greatest Weapon

How to Craft the Ultimate Weapons

Obtain Orichalcum
└Dungeon Reward
Obtain Ultimite
└Purchase from Merchant Lv. 3 in Tipa
Obtain the Greatest Weapon Scroll
└Received from your father at Alchemist Lv. 12
Craft with Blacksmith Lv. 3 in Tipa

How to Get Orichalcum

Orichalcum can be obtained by completing dungeons or dropped by enemies so keep replaying dungeons until you have the materials you need.

One of the most reliable places to farm Orichalcum is Conall Curach, when the Behemoths frequently drop it. After a couple runs through you should have all the Orichalcum you need.

Dungeons Obtained From

River Belle Path Goblin Wall
The Mushroom Forest The Mine of Cathuriges
Tida Moschet Manor
Veo Lu Sluice Selepation Cave
Daemon's Court Kilanda
Conall Curach Rebena Te Ra
Lynari Desert -

How to Get Ultimite

Ultimite can be purchased from a level 3 Merchant family in Tipa. You will need to make a character whose Home Job is the Merchant to obtain it.

How to Get the Greatest Weapon Scroll

The Greatest Weapon scroll is given to you by your father if you chose the Alchemist home job and leveled it to 12. You must speak to the Alchemist as the same character that chose the job.

Craft With a Level 3 Blacksmith in Tipa

Once you've gathered up the materials and scroll you can craft one of the ultimate weapons at a level 3 Blacksmith in Tipa. You can only craft one ultimate weapon per save file so think long and hard about which character you'd like to make it for.

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