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Ring Artifacts are a group of Artifacts which allow the player to use a Spell permanently in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition (FFCC). Learn which Artifacts have this effect.

What do Ring Artifacts do?

Using Magic.jpg

Ring Artifacts are a powerful but rare group of Artifacts which allow a player to equip a specific Spell at any time.

Normally, players have to find a specific Magicite to use a Spell. As all Magicite is lost when leaving a Dungeon, players must start the process over again each time, and have little control over which Spells they will have access to.

With Ring Artifacts, players are able to equip an associated Spell in any dungeon at any point, allowing them to bypass the need to find Magicite for that Spell. Keep in mind that to cast higher-level versions of the Spell, you will still need additional Magicite or to combine Spells with another player.

List of Ring Artifacts

Original Game Artifacts

These Artifacts were all found in the original game for the GameCube, and only these Artifacts can be obtained without visiting Post-Game Dungeons or buying DLC.

Artifact Dungeons / Boss Drops

Effect: Magic +1, Blizzard
Veo Lu Sluice (All & Boss)

Effect: Magic +1, Cure
Conall Curach (Cycle 1 & 2 & Boss)
Miasma Pit (Treasure Chest)

Effect: Magic +1, Fire
Kilanda (All & Boss)
Misty Mount Kilanda (Treasure Chest)

Effect: Magic +1, Raise
Conall Curach (Boss)
Foggy Swamp (Treasure Chest)

Effect: Magic +1, Thunder
Selepation Cave (All & Boss)

Post-Game Dungeon Artifacts

Artifact Dungeons / Boss Drops

Effect: Magic +1, Gravity
Misty Mount Kilanda (Treasure Chest)

Effect: Magic +1, Holy
Foggy Swamp (Treasure Chest)
Miasma Pit (Treasure Chest)

Effect: Magic +1, Meteor
Rainy Ruins (Boss)

We highly recommend getting these 3 ring artifacts (even as a Lilty). Gravity and Holy, in general, allows you to defeat some enemies easier by removing their protective status. Meteor is a great spell and it gets even greater with a Selkie ally that has Evergreen equipped.

Is there a Clear Ring and Haste Ring?

All the post-game ring artifacts have been found and a Clear Ring is not included on the rings our team has found. A clearga trick, however, is available for the Selkies. The same is true for the Haste Ring, it is also available as a focus attack for one of the Selkie's ultimate weapon Evergreen.

Evergreen - Weapon Information

Where to Get All Original Game Ring Artifacts

Fire Ring

Fire Ring.jpgEnlarge

Fire Rings drop from Ogres in Kilanda. You can also get one for completing the dungeon so if the Ogres don't drop one go ahead and take on the boss. Be warned that you must have 127 bonus points or more in order for it to appear in the reward pool.

Blizzard Ring

Blizzard Ring.jpgEnlarge

Blizzard Rings can be found as drops from Griffins in Veo Lu Sluice. During the first cycle if you have less than 91 bonus points there's a chance for a Blizzard Ring to appear in the reward pool as well. If you're only trying to get a Blizzard Ring you can ignore most of the dungeon to keep your bonus points low and take on the boss instead.

Thunder Ring

Thunder Ring.jpgEnlarge

You can get a Thunder Ring from a treasure chest in Selepation Cave. It's in a slightly difficult area to get to but if you have the chance we recommend checking the treasure chest.

Cure Ring

Cure Ring.jpgEnlarge

You can get a Cure Ring from a treasure chest in Conall Curach. You can also receive one as a reward for clearing the dungeon, but we recommend leaving and re-entering the dungeon to get one from a treasure chest. It's a little hard to get to the treasure chest but easier than clearing the dungeon and a very useful artifact to have.

Raise Ring

A Raise Ring will be added to Conall Curach's reward pool during its third cycle. Obtaining one, however, requires you to get at least 301 bonus points when playing alone with only a 25% chance of it appearing as a reward, making this an incredibly difficult artifact to obtain. If you play with a full party each player only needs to receive 102 bonus points minimum so this is recommended instead.

▼Bonus Points Required to Get the Raise Ring

1P 2P
301 325
3P 4P
370 406

What are Bonus Points? | List of Bonus Conditions

★Foggy Swamp is Recommended

With the remaster, a slightly easier method of obtaining a Raise Ring was added. Now instead of farming bonus points, you can go to the post-game dungeon, Foggy Swamp, and try to get one from a treasure chest. The enemies around are strong, but since it's a treasure chest it is much easier to reset the dungeon and try again, so if your character is up to the task you can try this way instead.

▼Treasure Chest Containing a Raise Ring

Raise Ring.jpgEnlarge

Where to Get All Post-Game Ring Artifacts

Holy Ring

In the post-game dungeon, Foggy Swamp, a new Holy Ring artifact can be obtained, allowing you to use Holy without spell fusion. In addition, it will only take up one command slot instead of 2, so it's very useful for solo play, and in multiplayer the spell fusion requirement being removed makes this a very powerful artifact to have.


Foggy Swamp Obtained At
Holy Ring.jpgEnlarge Holy Ring 2.pngEnlarge

Gravity Ring

The Gravity Ring is found in a treasure chest in the post-game dungeon, Moonlit Desert. The same treasure chest also has a chance to have a Wonder Bangle or a Gold Hairpin as well so in the event that you don't get a Gravity Ring, let an enemy kill you and retry the dungeon from the world map.


Moonlit Desert Obtained At
Gravity Ring.jpgEnlarge Gravity Ring 2.jpegEnlarge

Meteor Ring

The Meteor Ring is obtained from the post-game dungeon, Rainy Ruins, for getting a high amount of bonus points. There are 4 different reward pools in Rainy Ruins, so if you have an adequate amount of bonus points there's a 1/4 chance that it will appear. In our experience, we had 308 bonus points in single-player when it showed up as a reward.

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8 ELYSION8 months

BOOSTER X is finally not a ring its the bonus attack from the selkie ultimate weapon !! It doesnt exist as a ring.. we folks lol.. 🙂

7 Awoo8 months

>>6 just had the same thing happen! A player popped in and cast hastaga a bunch - was amazing! Can't wait to track it down

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