Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

List of Item Drops

List of All Droppable Items Bravely Default 2.png
Check here for the complete list of all items dropped in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. In this guide, we'll show you all the items that can be obtained and which monsters drop them.

List of Item Drops

Humanoid Monsters

Monster Drops
Goblin Stone
Dwarf's Tooth
Gargantua Chieftain's Tooth
Orc Potion
Insect Nectar
Orc Leader Potion
Throwing Axe
Orc Chieftain Throwing Axe
Caveman's Tooth
Orc Lord Booster Bun (Critical Chance)
Chieftain's Tooth
Wizzy Ether
Mini Ether
Dusk Wizzy Booster Bun (Magical Attack)
Witch's Whisper
Nocta Wizzy Booster Bun (MP)
Witch's Whisper
Midnight Wizzy Dark Drops
Witch's Whisper
Mageling Potion
Devil's Delight
Goblin Chopper Potion
Throwing Axe
Lost Mageling Mini Ether
Mythril Staff
Ruined Mageling Ether
Magic Armlets
Desolate Mageling Devil's Delight
Swordsman Mythril Sword
Henchman Potion
Well-Worn Muleta
Axemaiden Phoenix Down
Mythril Axe
Bowmaiden Mini Ether
Mythril Bow
Bandit A None available
Bandit B None available
Bandit C Genji Helm
Special Wood
Goblin Archer Shortbow
Dwarf's Tooth
Bandit D None available
Holy Lance X-Potion
Spiked Shield
Holy Mace Hi-Potion
Booster Bun (Physical Attack)
Holy Sword Throwing Knife
Holy Wand Ether
Heart Ring
Imperial Axeman Hi-Potion
Imperial Twinsword Hi-Potion
Rune Blade
Imperial Twinwand Ether
Lambent Hat
Imperial Daggermage Ether
Imperial Greatsword X-Potion
Rune Blade
Kobold Shuriken
Dwarf's Tooth
Imperial Lancemage Hi-Potion
Imperial Bowmage Ether
Lambent Hat
Imperial Greataxe Remedy
Kobold Chopper Throwing Axe
Healing Bloom
Kobold Archer Caveman's Tooth
Hush Pollen
Troll Hi-Potion
Caveman's Tooth
Ogre Beast Flesh
Caveman's Tooth
Aka-Oni Caveman's Tooth
Booster Bun (Physical Attack)

Beast Monsters

Monster Drops
Wolf Beastly Fang
Monstrous Fang
Golden Bear Beastly Fang
Booster Bun (HP)
Polar Bear Monstrous Fang
Booster Bun (Physical Defence)
Megalodoth Booster Bun (Physical Attack)
Ferocious Fang
Roc Potion
Diatryma Phoenix Down
Beast Flesh
Simurgh Phoenix Down
Tengu Yawn
Gagana Fresh Fish
Tengu Sneeze
Ratbitt Antidote
Beast Flesh
Badbitt Antidote
Beast Flesh
Lop-Eared Ratbitt Echo Herbs
Beast Flesh
Hellhound Monstrous Fang
Booster Bun (Speed)
Lop-Eared Badbitt Beastly Fang
Soul Food
Uniconey Beast Flesh
Booster Bun (Speed)
Unicrony Beast Flesh
Direct Sunlight
White Fang Monstrous Fang
Booster Bun (Aim)
Cerberus Beast Flesh
Monstrous Fang
Minotaur Beast Flesh
Smelling Salts
Yeti Throwing Axe
Booster Bun (HP)
Gyuki Earth Drum
Booster Bun (HP)
Sekhret Pathogen
Ferocious Fang
Grizzly Beastly Fang
Monstrous Fang

Aquatic Monsters

Monster Drops
Flannacotta Potion
Frost Tortoise Antarctic Wind
Booster Bun (Critical Chance)
Adamant Tortoise Earth Drum
Booster Bun (Physical Defence)
Lava Tortoise Parashu
Gawain's Axe
Sahagin Merman Scale
Fresh Fish
Sahagin Shaman Merman Scale
Fresh Fish
Sahagin Shieldbearer Round Shield
Merman Scale
Dagon Hi-Potion
Dagon Shaman Rod of Ice
Dagon Shieldbearer Mermonster Scale
Adamant Shield
Lotl Plant Food
Mermonster Scale
Gelaflan Mini Ether
Toxolotl Antidote
Merman Scale
Roxolotl Merman Scale
Plant Food
Noxolotl Mermagaladon Scale
Flanbanero Bomb Fragment
Plant Food
Fizzy Flantasia Elixir
Peiste Antidote
Fresh Fish
Sibilus Fresh Fish
Mermonster Scale
Kukulcan Mermonster Scale
Booster Bun (Magical Defence)
Stheno Mermagaladon Scale
Rock Tortoise Stone
Booster Bun (Physical Defence)

Insect Monsters

Monster Drops
Sandworm Earth Drum
Paraponera Insect Nectar
Dragonfly Wing
Bullet Ant Teleport Stone
Cask Paraponera Insect Nectar
Ench-ant-er Spellblossom
Meganeura Wing
Magiponera Booster Bun (Magical Attack)
Meganeura Wing
Moulder Echo Herbs
Booster Bun (Magical Defence)
Spigus Remedy
Dragonfly Wing
Arachne Remedy
Wicked Widow Insect Nectar
Vesp Bug Wing
Insect Nectar
Toxic Worm Earth Drum
Razor Vesp Animator
Bug Wing
Vesp Pest Bug Wing
Booster Bun (Aim)
Pephredo Insect Nectar
Dragonfly Wing
Abyss Worm Earth Mallet
Zone Eater Stone
Earth Mallet
Silkmoth Antidote
Bug Wing
Staggermoth Animator
Booster Bun (Evasion)
Shadowmoth Booster Bun (Evasion)
Dragonfly Wing
Sizzlemoth Meganeura Wing
Bomb Arm
Killer Ant Potion
Smelling Salts

Plant Monsters

Monster Drops
Veronica Remedy
Fallen Forkling Antidote
Echo Herbs
Fresh Foliole Throwing Stick
Fallen Foliole Balsam
Booster Bun (Res. Power)
Fresh Frond Ether
Fallen Frond Remedy
Ochu Wiltlily
Mantrap Wiltlily
Devil's Snare Antidote
Triffid Magic Herb
Woody Echo Herbs
Soul Food
Petunia Wailflower
Laerad Hi-Potion
Earth Drum
Irminsul Wailflower
Direct Moonlight
Coppice Icebrand
Hush Pollen
Nemophila Magic Herb
Rafflesia Spellblossom
Hush Pollen
Fungoo Smelling Salts
Dark Drops
Mossy Fungoo Echo Herbs
Booster Bun (Magical Attack)
Blue Fungoo Arctic Wind
Funguar Pathogen
Fresh Forkling Potion
Echo Herbs

Undead Monsters

Monster Drops
Ghost Knight Barrel Helm
Reaper Lancer Rhongomiant
Lost Souls Phoenix Down
Restless Souls Flame Talisman
Vengeful Souls Balsam
Dark Drops
Merciless Souls Ghoulash
Brimstone Stallion Bad Bone
Booster Bun (Speed)
Sagari Blighted Bone
Red Muleta
Xanthos Blighted Bone
Sleipnir Blighted Bone
Booster Bun (Aim)
Antiphates Bad Bone
Dead Knight Blighted Bone
Giant's Shield
Daidarabocchi Bad Bone
Booster Bun (Res. Power)
Goliath Blighted Bone
Grotesque Tristan's Bow
Speed Bow
Kagutsuchi Booster Bun (Aim)
Bedevilled Bone
Tejas Bedevilled Bone
Chaos Blade
Skeleton Sellsword Mythril Shield
Blighted Bone
Skeleton Assassin Throwing Knife
Assassin Dagger
Skeleton Lancer Dreadstool
Dark Deluge
Reaper Sellsword Mal Meadwortth
Reaper Assassin Carnwenhan
Highroad Star

Demon Monsters

Monster Drops
Baphomet Wicked Horn
Lapislion Naughty Horn
Ahriman Phoenix Down
Magnifying Glass
Evil Eye Magnifying Glass
Devil's Delight
Plague Small JP Orb
Devil's Delight
Angra Mainyu Witch's Whisper
Asp Remedy
Naughty Horn
Ahura Devil's Delight
Wicked Horn
Abaddon Wicked Horn
Amon Asclepius
Hecatoncheir Lamellar Armor
Booster Bun (Physical Attack)
Razanil Wicked Horn
Vishno Eye Drops
Purge Pick
Gigantos Pantheon's Wrath
Booster Bun (Critical Chance)
Aigaion Wicked Horn
Yggdrasil Staff
Azazel Booster Bun (MP)
Wicked Horn
Asmodeus Booster Bun (Magical Attack)
Hellish Horn
Bronzegoyle Mini Ether
Teleport Stone
Bronzelion Wicked Horn
Booster Bun (Magical Defence)
Goldgoyle Wicked Horn
Dwarven Gloves
Goldelion Light Talisman
Hellish Horn
Lapisgoyle Dark Drops
Witch's Whisper

Spirit Monsters

Monster Drops
Golem Teleport Stone
Sprite Gem
Aqua Element Sprite Gem
Antarctic Wind
Electrica Element Zeus's Wrath
Terra Element Sprite Gem
Earth Mallet
Ventus Element Pixie Gem
Booster Bun (MP)
Lux Element Pixie Gem
Booster Bun (Speed)
Umbra Element Oberon Gem
Dark Deluge
Sylph Sprite Gem
Tengu Yawn
Undine Sprite Gem
Soul Food
Drys Pixie Gem
Direct Moonlight
Turan Booster Bun (Res. Power)
Adamantite Golem Pixie Gem
Adamant Helm
Freyr Mini Ether
Bomb Fragment
Poseidon Pixie Gem
Rod of Ice
Thor Numbneedle
Chaos Oberon Gem
Booster Bun (Magical Defence)
Wiki-Wiki Teleport Stone
Booster Bun (Speed)
Big Wiki-Wiki Small Experience Orb
Medium JP Orb
Metal Wiki-Wiki Booster Bun (Evasion)
Medium Experience Orb
Queen Wiki-Wiki None available
King Wiki-Wiki Large JP Orb
Giant JP Orb
Ice Golem Antarctic Wind
Ice Talisman
Inferno Golem Oberon Gem
Bomb Arm
Cait Sith Wakeup Bell
Kitty-Cait Teleport Stone
Soul Food
Short-Cait Small Experience Orb
Fresh Fish
Siamese Cait Direct Sunlight
Oberon Gem
Ignis Element Pixie Gem
Oberon Gem


Story Bosses

Monster Drops
Picto-Amrita None available
Immortal Eurytos' Bow
Picto-Beleth None available
Asura Flare Hatchet
Picto-Mona None available
Selene None available
Dag None available
Horten People Pleasers
Orpheus None available
Anihal None available
Bernard None available
Prince Castor Plant Food
Roddy None available
Lily None available
Galahad Giant's Shield
Folie None available
Martha Hermes Sandals
Helio None available
Gladys None available
Catoblepas Gungnir
Domenic None available
Lonsdale None available
Marla None available
Vigintio None available
Adam Gold Hairpin
Edna None available
The Night's Nexus None available
Sir Sloan None available
Grasping Hand None available
Cradling Hand None available
Gwydion Ribbon
Smart Cravat
Genbu Reflect Ring

Quest Bosses

Monster Drops
Vespus Hex None available
Jealous Jody None available
Hoenir None available
Hephaestus None available
Enormocrag None available
Orpheus People Pleasers
Shirley None available
Amphora None available
Fenrir None available
Papilloid None available
Empuse None available
Frankenfalcot None available
Glenn None available
Xolotl None available
D-Vergr None available
G-Oetia None available
Eclipse None available

Rare Monsters

Monster Drops
Cyclops Chieftain's Tooth
Jormungandr Earth Mallet
Monstrous Medley
Baal Meganeura Wing
Skullcap Stinkblossom
Spiked Helm
Treant Stinkblossom
Susanoo Bedevilled Bone
Mal Meadwortth
Nightmare Dark Deluge
Dark Robes
Orc King Chieftain's Tooth
Flare Hatchet
Astaroth Tristan's Bow
Hellish Horn
Leannan Sith Oberon Gem
Zeus Pantheon's Wrath
Baba Yaga Witch's Whisper
Sage's Staff
Mushussu Mermagaladon Scale
Coral Emperor Mermagaladon Scale

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