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Forage Farming | How to Quickly Forage Items

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Check here the best method to effectively forage items in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. In this guide, we'll show you some items that can be obtained from foraging and tips on farming.

Unlock the Freelancer's Forage Skill

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At level 4, Freelancers can unlock the skill Forage. This allows them to spend a turn in combat to search for items. The items found will depend on the user's job level.

Items That Can Be Foraged

Below is a list of items that we've foraged when tested at Freelancer Level 12.

Teleport Stone Tent Ward Light
Magnifying Glass Potion Hi-Potion
Phoenix Down Mini Ether Ether
Antidote Eye Drops Echo Herbs
Wakeup Bell Animator Balsam
Smelling Salts Remedy Stone
Throwing Knife Shuriken Throwing Axe
Atlatl Dart Throwing Stick
Bomb Fragment Antarctic Wind Zeus's Wrath
Earth Drum Tengu Yawn Direct Moonlight
Dark Drops Stardust Small Experience Orb
Small JP Orb Dwarf's Tooth Beastly Fang
Merman Scale Bug Wing Wiltlily
Bad Bone Naughty Horn Sprite Gem

For the complete list of items that can be foraged, check out our list of all forage items below.

Forage List | All Items Obtained from Foraging

Consumable Items

A large number of these items are consumables you can use for recovery and combat. This makes foraging a viable way to stock up on these items instead of buying them from shops.

Experience Orbs and JP Orbs

Although Experience Orbs and JP Orbs can be obtained through this method, they can be hard to come by as the item foraged seems completely random. For levelling up, we recommend battling the highest level random encounters you can find instead, or by defeating overworld bosses. Alternatively, for JP levelling, check out our JP Guide.

How to Farm JP Quickly

AFK Farming with Forage

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There is a trick you can do to let your party forage continuously even while you're away from your Switch. When in handheld mode, engage in a battle with a low-level enemy. Try to make sure there's only one enemy left to minimize the damage you take. Command all your party members to use Forage then once everyone has done so, hold down the A button.

This should allow the game to continue issuing the Forage command while you are holding down A. In handheld mode, slide out your Joycons while still holding A. Once the Joycons are detached from the console, you can let go of the A button. The game will still think you're holding down A and so the party will continue to forage.

Game8 Team Testing

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In our testing, we left the console for about 15 minutes. When we came back to check, we got at least 5 of each item in the list above. Notably, we were able to get as many as 48 Hi-Potions and 39 Phoenix Downs. but about a dozen or so for the other items.

We also were able to get 35 Small Experience Orbs and 26 Small JP Orbs with this method. While convenient, this would not be an efficient way to farm for Exp or JP.

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