Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Holy Wand Overview, Location, and Drops

This is an overview for Holy Wand, an enemy in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Check here for basic information on Holy Wand including strengths and weaknesses, item drops, location, and more!

Holy Wand Overview

Holy Wand Summary

Holy Wand
Bravely Default II - Holy Wand
Description Holy warriors who have attained a mastery of magic. Employed to guard the Hall of High Holies.
Town Rimedhal
Location Dungeon
Hall of High Holies

Holy Wand Basic Information

Earth Axe Sword
Half Damage
Water Fire
No Immunities
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Ether
Heart Ring
Stealables Ether
Heart Ring

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