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Beginner's Guide to Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 Beginner
Check here for our beginner's guide on the basics for Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. From explanations on all status ailments to how to effectively use stat buffs and debuffs, we have everything you need to master the combat basics and jump into battle!

Early Game Tips

Follow the Quest Marker

Whenever you feel lost, just follow the yellow marker you'll see on the screen. This leads to your current objective and the story will progress after reaching it.

Full Story Walkthrough and Guide

Learn JP Up (and JP Up and UP if possible)

The Jp Up and Jp Up and Up are valuable support abilities from the Freelancer. They multiply the amout of JP you earn by a solid 1.7 combined. While leveling this far early in the game may be difficult, always consider leveling the freelancer whenever you can and set these two abilities as your goal.

Forage for Items!

The Freelancer's ability Forage allows you to farm items in the middle of the fight. By leaving a weak enemy alone, you can just Brave 4 times for each character and use Forage to net yourself several items. Take note that the item quality depends on the Freelancer's Job level so do consider leveling it up further if you wish to farm items with this method.

You can use offensive items against bosses

Offensive items deal a fixed amount of damage against enemies. During the lower levels, these damages can be considered high so using these against them can be effective.

Complete Boss List and Guides

Do Quests when possible

Quests can reward you with several things like PG, items, and even equipment. Always talk to NPCs with a blue speech bubble to get quests!

Best Early Jobs

Black Mage Icon Black Mage ・Can dish out high damage using enemy weaknesses.
・Can deal massive damage to bosses via Poison (if they're vulnerable)
White Mage Icon White Mage ・Excellent support class via buffs and recovery.
Monk Icon Monk ・Cheap class due to not requiring weapons
・Bare handed fighting has no weakness
Beastmaster Icon Beastmaster ・Extremely versatile with summons.
・Can cover various roles like support, attacker, and even a healer.

Best Job Combinations

Beginner Tips To Remember

Everyone's stats are the same

The stats of your 4 characters are the same. They may look different but it is only due to the job's stat modifier. Some example of this are the Vanguard class and the Black Mage. A level 11 Vanguard will have more HP than a Black Mage but the Black Mage will have higher Magic Power then the Vanguard. Swapping their Job will have the other character have more HP but less magic power and vice versa.

You can get jobs from quests


Some jobs can only be obtained by doing quests and aren't obtainable by just playing the main storyline. Make sure to explore and complete those quests when possible!

Know unopened chest count using Divining Rod

The Divining Rod can show you the amount of unopened chests in the area. This is a great skill to have at all times and is pretty easy to acquire as it only needs a job level of 3 from the freelancer.

You can get items by chopping grass

Bravely Default 2 Attacking Enemies in the Map.jpg

The grass on the worldmap isn't just for show. You can use the attack command on the world map to cut them. Sometimes, doing so will yield pg, items, and even strong weapons!

Combat Basics

Bravely Default 2 Vulnerabilities and Resistances

Bravely Default 2 Vulnerabilities and Resistances

Enemies have certain resistances and weaknesses not just to elements but to weapon types as well! Make sure to exploit this weaknesses to effectively deal damage to your opponents.

Maintaining HP and MP

HP is your character's primary resource and depleting it will make your character incapacitated. MP is used for casting spells and is vital for using your character's abilities. To replenish your HP and MP, prepare consumables such as potions, ethers, and tents to recover your character's stats. Some characters also have abilities that allow them to recover HP or MP under certain conditions like the black mage's speciality that allows MP regeneration upon Defaulting.

Status Ailments and Effects

Bravely Default 2 contains of number of status effects that can turn the tide of battle, for better or for worse! Like you and your allies, enemies are also vulnerable to status ailments, so be sure to remember the effects of each ailment.

Status Effect Description
Poison AilmentPoison Deals small damage to the unit after performing an action. Also deals damage to the character while moving on the map.
Cure:Antidote, Basuna, Inner Alchemy etc.
Blind AilmentBlind Makes attacks and physical abilities less likely to hit.
Cure:Eye drops, Basunam Inner Alchemy, time.
Silence AilmentSilence Prevents unit from casting spells.
Cure:Echo herbs, Basuna, etc.
Sleep AilmentSleep Makes unit unable to act for the sleep's duration.
Cure:Wakeup Bell, Basuna, time, take physical damage.
Paralysis AilmentParalysis Prevents character from making an action for a short while.
Cure:Animator, basuna, time.
Dread AilmentDread Prevents Brave and Default usage. Also prevents BP to increase beyond zero.
Cure:Balsam, Purge, time, etc.
Berserk AilmentBerserk Physical attack is increased by 50%. Defense is lowered by 30% and only the attack command may be used.
Cure:Remedy, Purge, time, etc.
Confusion AilmentConfusion Causes the unit to perform random actions.
Cure:Smelling salts, Purge, time, physical damage.
Charm AilmentCharm Causes the unit to aid the enemy party.
Cure:Remedy, Purge, time, take physical damage.
Contagion AilmentContagion Causes a character to take MP damage per turn.
Cure:Remedy, Basuna, time, etc.
Freeze AilmentFreeze Prevents action for a short while and take damage each turn.
Cure:Basuna, time, fire damage, etc.
Stop AilmentStop Makes a character unable to act for a short while.
Slow AilmentSlow Causes the unit's time to come around more slowly.
Cure: Inner Alchemy, time, etc.
Doom AilmentDoom Causes the unit to get knocked out/die after the timer runs out.
Cure:Purge, etc.
Daub AilmentDaub Reduces a character's resistance to all elements.
Cure:Basuna, etc.

Using Buffs and Debuffs

Stacking Buffs and Debuffs

Buffs and Debuffs can be used by your enemies and allies alike. Each buff and debuff can stack, but they all have a limit to how many multipliers they can reach. Make sure to check your stats while in battle to see any buffs or debuffs.

How to Quickly Farm for EXP, JP, and Pg

Experience Farming

You can level up quicly in Bravely Default 2 by farming items called Experience Orbs. These orbs can help you gain a large amount of experience is no time! For the complete explanation on gaining experience points quickly, see our guide below.

Exp Farming Guide: How to Farm EXP Fast

Job Point Farming

Job Points, or JP, are points that count torwards leveling up your assigned Job! As your Job levels up, new abilities and specialties will be unlocked. JP can be farmed by making use of different monster baits to engage in consecutive battles. These battles will net JP at a higher rate than normal. For a more detailed explanation on how to effectively farm JP, see our guide below.

Job Points Guide: How to Farm JP Quickly

Pg (Money) Farming

Pg are the game's currency and is used for purchasing items and equipments. They are also used by certain classes' abilities so make sure to stock up on pg!

Pg Guide | How to Farm Money Quickly

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