How to Beat Anihal | Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Beat Anihal
This is a guide to Anihal, a Boss battle in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default 2). Read on to know how to beat Anihal, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategy against Anihal.

Anihal Basic Info

Anihal Strengths, and Weaknesses, and Obtainable Items

Half Damage
No Resistances
No Immunities
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped -
Stealables -

How to Beat Anihal

Anihal Recommended Jobs, Abilities, and Equipment

Recommended Jobs/Sub-Jobs

Recommended Jobs
Vanguard Icon.pngVanguard Monk Icon.pngMonk
White Mage Icon.pngFreelancer Icon.png
White Mage/Freelancer
Bard Icon.pngBlack Mage Icon.png
Bard/Black Mage

You'll want to have a bard to survive the damage you'll take from Anihal's AOE damage and her pets. The other classes are just standard classes that can dish out heavy single target damage to quickly eliminate priority targets.

Recommended Abilities

Recommended Abilities
Qigong Wave Firebird Cross Cut Don't Let 'Em Get to You

Same reason stated above for the chosen jobs. You'll want to make your party endure the damages they take while being able to dish out single target damage.

Recommended Equipments

Recommended Equipments
Silver Glasses White Veil Force Armlet Power Bracers
Star Pendant - - -

You'll want to be immune to the enemy's status ailments, especially for your White Mage as healing is always crucial for the fight. The ideal equipment load is a White Veil and Force Armlet to your white mage and a Silver Glasses and Power Bracers to your Monk. You'll also want to equip a Silver Glasses to your Vanguard and a Star Pendant to your bard.

Anihal Movesets

Animal Rescue Once Anihal's HP is low, she'll start countering attacks with a beast summon (usually a sandworm that inflicts AOE earth damage and blind)
Off the Leash Commands a beast to make a special attack.
Muzzle Inflicts Silence to all enemies.
Mow Down Deals damage to the whole party.
Mercy Strike Deals severe damage but can't bring the target's HP lower than 1.

Anihal Strategy

Phase 1: Anihal and her Pets

Anihal Off the Leash
For the starting move, make sure to have your Blackmage poison Anihal. After that, Undine should be your primary target as it can use White Wind to restore everyone's HP. Brave 4 times then use the Monk's Qigong Wave to defeat it (support it with additional attacks if it fails to kill it). From here on, the recommended order is to eliminate the Gelaflan then the Peiste since the Gelaflan's debuffs is an indirect buff to Anihal and Peiste's damage output.

Phase 2: Anihal

Anihal Muzzle Move
The battle's difficulty greatly gets lower once all of her pets have died. Make sure to not have anyone have poison since her Mercy Strike is going to be her primary source of killing move and leaving an ally poisoned may very well cause that character to die. Just keep your HP up and default if she has a lot of banked BP. Once her Hp gets lower, dedicate your white mage to healing and don't use low damage moves as her counter attacks may make the move more disadvantageous to you. Focus on using moves like the Monk's Heeldrop or the Vanguard's Cross Cut to make shortwork of her.

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