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What Happens if You Beat Galahad on the First Encounter?

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Near the beginning of Chapter 2, Galahad acts as a wall and stops you from entering Wiswald's Tower. Did you know that with enough strength, you can actually overpower him? Read on to learn what happens when you beat Galahad on your first encounter with him in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) on the Nintendo Switch.

Pretend it Never Happened

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When you first arrive at Wiswald, you're supposed to have a scripted battle against Galahad, where your team will struggle to make any of your attacks dent his defenses. However, if you've done a lot of grinding before Chapter 2, there is a chance that you could take down Galahad within a few turns.

Breaking the Fourth Wall.png
If you do, a young girl will appear, while expressing shock that you had defeated Galahad. She will say that it was a fluke and will break the fourth wall by saying the player has to pretend it didn't happen.

She will then proceed to maniacally paint over the screen, as if to imply she is rewriting history. Your game will then load to the part before you battled Galahad and you'll have to repeat (and lose) to the battle with him. As a bonus, you can use this to farm Giant Shields if you want, since Galahad drops a Giant Shield upon defeat.

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