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List of All New and Returning Job Classes

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The complete guide to all available Jobs in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. For info on each Job and their powers and abilities, read on!

What are Jobs?

A class that a character can equip

A Job is a class that can be equipped by your characters. By equipping a Job, a character will be able to use the abilities of the given class. Each character can equip one main Job and one Sub-Job at a time.

The difference between a Main Job and a Sub-Job

Main Jobs affect weapon proficiencies and stats

The main Job is the identity of your character. A vanguard main Job will possess more HP, defense, and different weapon scalings compared to a white mage with a vanguard Sub-Job.

A Main Job changes a character's special move

By performing certain conditions, the chosen warriors of light may execute special moves that can grant buffs and damage enemies at the same time. The chosen main Job will affect the conditions and effect of the move. White mage, for example, will heal the party's HP and cure their status ailments instead of attacking the enemy.

Jobs Can Be Changed

Bravely Default 2 Job menu

The character's Job can be changed anytime by choosing Jobs on the menu screen. Each character's Job level is saved regardless how often they switch, so feel free to switch Jobs at any time.

For more details on the Job system, see the guide below.
What is the Job System?

Obtain New Jobs with Asterisks

Asterisks are the items needed to obtain new Jobs in Bravely Default 2. Asterisks can be obtained by progressing through the story as well as defeating bosses in sidequests. For more info on Asterisks, see our guide below.

How to Get Asterisks

List of Jobs

Freelancer Bravely Default 2Freelancer White Mage Icon.pngWhite Mage Black Mage Icon.pngBlack Mage Monk Icon.pngMonk
Vanguard Icon.pngVanguard Thief Icon.pngThief Bard Icon.pngBard Beastmaster Icon.pngBeast Master
Gambler Icon.pngGambler Berserker Icon.pngBerserker Red Mage Icon.pngRed Mage Hunter Icon.pngRanger
Shieldmaster Icon.pngShieldmaster Pictomancer Icon.pngPictomancer Dragoon Icon.pngDragoon Swordmaster Icon.pngSwordmaster
Spiritmaster.pngSpiritmaster Salve-Maker.pngSalve-Maker Oracle.pngOracle Bastion.pngBastion
Phantom.pngPhantom Arcanist.pngArcanist Hellblade.pngHellblade Hellblade.pngBravebearer

Complete Job Overview List and How to Obtain

Job How to Obtain|Overview
Freelancer Icon Freelancer How to Obtain】Starting Class
・A good overall Job with a variety of uses
・Many useful abilities
Black Mage Icon Black Mage How to Obtain】Have Elvis join your party
・Specializes in magic attacks
・Can deal a variety of different damage types
White Mage Icon White Mage How to ObtainBeat Selene and Dag
・Makes use of restorative magic
・A vital support class for any party
Monk Icon Monk How to ObtainBeat Horten
・Specializes in critical hits
・A straightforward physical attacker
Vanguard Icon Vanguard How to ObtainBeat Selene and Dag
・Specializes in being targeted
・Makes for a good tank due to high physical defense
Thief Icon Thief How to ObtainBeat Bernard
・Specializes in speed
・Able to steal items and abilities
Bard Icon Bard How to ObtainBeat Orpheus
・A stat-buffing support class
・Effective when facing stronger enemies
Beastmaster Icon Beastmaster How to ObtainBeat Anihal
・Skilled with using beasts
・Efficient as an attacker and a supporter
Gambler Icon Gambler How to ObtainBeat Shirley
・A "high risk high reward" class
・Strong when lucky
Berserker Icon Berserker How to ObtainBeat Prince Castor
・Powerful axe user
・An offensive specialist with low defense
Red Mage  Icon Red Mage How to ObtainBeat Roddy
・Able to use both attack and restoration magic
・Can inflict several status conditions at once
Ranger Icon Ranger How to ObtainBeat Lily
・Fast and skilled with bows
・Can find and exploit enemies' weaknesses
Shieldmaster Icon Shieldmaster How to ObtainBeat Galahad
・High defense can eat attacks
・Excels as a tank build
Pictomancer Icon Pictomancer How to ObtainBeat Folie
・Able to weaken enemies
・Can turn the tide of battles
Dragoon Icon Dragoon How to ObtainBeat Martha
・Skilled with using spears
・Can perform surprise attacks from the air
Swordmaster Icon Swordmaster How to ObtainBeat Helio and Gladys
・Specializes in counters
・High physical attack
Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster How to ObtainBeat Helio and Gladys
・Specializes in healing
・Spirit Moves lasts a long time
Salve-Maker Icon Salve-Maker How to ObtainBeat Glenn
・Combines Items for new effects
・Can consume pg to provide benefits in the middle of battle
Oracle Icon Oracle How to ObtainBeat Domenic
・A master of time magic
・Can increase ally turn rate and attack rate
Bastion Icon Bastion How to ObtainBeat Lonsdale
・Specializes in Tanking
・Has several ways to activate default state
Phantom Icon Phantom How to ObtainBeat Marla
・Can dual wield more effectively
・Extremely high damage
Arcanist Icon Arcanist How to ObtainBeat Vigintio
・Strong Multi Elemental Magics
・Magic Targets enemies and allies alike
Hellblade Icon Hellblade How to ObtainBeat Adam
・Consumes own HP to Unleash Abilities
・Possesses high damage
Bravebearer Icon Bravebearer How to Obtain】Beat a certain enemy at the Valley of Sighs
・Perfect stats make this one of best Jobs in the game
・Allows for easy BP stacking due to abilities

How to Choose the Best Jobs

Best Starting Jobs and Sub-Jobs

Role Job Sub-Job
Attacker Monk Icon Monk Vanguard Icon Vanguard
Tank Vanguard Icon Vanguard Bard Icon Bard
Healer White Mage Icon White Mage Black Mage Icon Black Mage
Special Beastmaster Icon Beastmaster Freelancer Icon Freelancer

Strike a Balance and set out roles

Bravely Default's central customization system lies in its Job system. Make the most of Jobs by assigning roles for each character to specialize in.

Tips on Job Combos

Focus on combining roles

As mentioned above, it is important to consider the combination of both Jobs equipped. Assigning a vanguard Sub-Job to a mage class will yield little effects. Make your Jobs synergize with each other for the maximum effect!

Always give every member a way to fight

Creating a complete support character may sound ideal, but this can have drawbacks. For example, giving a white mage a Sub-Job of bard may leave that character unable to help provide vital damage against vulnerable enemies.

Consider the Job's Weaknesses/Strengths and compliment it

While a vanguard may be able to take a serious hit, it may lack the ability to aid other fighters. Giving it a support Sub-Job can give it a way to aid party members when you need to play defensively!

Best Job Combinations

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