Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Does Bravely Default 2 Have a Collector's Edition?

Will Bravely Default 2 have a special edition? Read on to know if Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) will have a collector's edition or a limited edition!

Will Bravely Default 2 Have a Collector's Edition?

No news of a special edition

There is currently no news of a Bravely Default 2 collector's edition. Unlike its predecessors, the 3rd installment to the series may not have any special editions.

Some retailers offer bonuses

Bravely Default 2 pre-order bonuses.png

While there are no current announcements of special editions, by pre-ordering from certain retailers, like Gamestop, you'll be able to net yourself some original Bravely Default 2 artwork! Check our pre-order guide below to see a list of all online retailers that's open for pre-orders before the game comes out!

Pre-Order Guide: All Pre-order Bonuses

How to Download the Demo


With no limited editions in sight, the only thing left is to try out the game and see if it suits you or not! To download the demo, check our demo guide below and get a free 5-hour playthrough of the newest entry to the Bravely series!

How to Download the Bravely Default 2 Demo

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