Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

List of Spears

Check here for the list of Spears found in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. We have everything you need to know from stats to special abilities!

List of Spears

Weapon List
Name Stats Location
Bravely Default II - SpearSpear Phys Atk: 30
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Savalon.
Bravely Default II - GlaiveGlaive Phys Atk: 33
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Savalon.
Bravely Default II - Mythril SpearMythril Spear Phys Atk: 41
Magic Atk: 42
Shop at Savalon.
Bravely Default II - Lu BuLu Bu's Spear Phys Atk: 46
Magic Atk: 46
Chest inside Abandoned Mansion in Savalon.
Bravely Default II - PitchforkPitchfork Phys Atk: 48
Magic Atk: 0
Chest inside Underground Reservoir in Savalon. Shop at Wiswald.
Bravely Default II - Crimson SpearCrimson Spear Phys Atk: 50
Magic Atk: 40
Shop at Wiswald.
Bravely Default II - LonginusLonginus Phys Atk: 58
Magic Atk: 55
Chest inside Treetop Tower in Wiswald.
Bravely Default II - HinderlanceHinderlance Phys Atk: 65
Magic Atk: 0
Chest inside Wayward Woods in Wiswald. Shop at Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - HalberdHalberd Phys Atk: 71
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - BrionacBrionac Phys Atk: 74
Magic Atk: 74
Dropped item. Stealable item.
Bravely Default II - Chronos GlaiveChronos Glaive Phys Atk: 85
Magic Atk: 75
Shop at Wiswald after defeating Vigintio.
Bravely Default II - Wyvern SpearWyvern Spear Phys Atk: 91
Magic Atk: 80
Shop at Halcyonia after defeating Lonsdale.
Bravely Default II - TridentTrident Phys Atk: 95
Magic Atk: 84
Dropped item. Stealable item.
Bravely Default II - Gae BulgGae Bulg Phys Atk: 98
Magic Atk: 86
Chest in Holograd Army HQ.
Bravely Default II - Ama-no-SakahokoAma-no-Sakahoko Phys Atk: 100
Magic Atk: 88
Shop at Rimedhal after defeating Adam.
Bravely Default II - GungnirGungnir Phys Atk: 108
Magic Atk: 101
Dropped item.
Bravely Default II - RonconeRoncone Phys Atk: 114
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Mag Mell.
Bravely Default II - RyunohigeRyunohige Phys Atk: 121
Magic Atk: 108
Shop at Mag Mell after defeating The Nights Nexus for the first time.
Bravely Default II - RhongomiantRhongomiant Phys Atk: 130
Magic Atk: 114
Dropped item. Stealable item.
Bravely Default II - RingmasterRingmaster's Spear Phys Atk: 138
Magic Atk: 129
Dropped by Anihal in Hall of Tribulation II
Bravely Default II - Draconic LanceDraconic Lance Phys Atk: 146
Magic Atk: 116
Dropped by Martha in Hall of Tribulation IV
Bravely Default II - Spear of JudgementSpear of Judgement Phys Atk: 142
Magic Atk: 105
Dropped by Lonsdale in Hall of Tribulation I

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