Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Beastmaster Monster Guide | The Best Monsters for the Beastmaster Job Class

Bravely Default 2 - Beastmaster Monster Guide | The Best Monsters for the Beastmaster Job Class
Learn all the best monsters to capture in Bravely Default 2 (Braveley Default II)! Here we list all the monsters to capture and use on each chapter.

List of Beastmaster Moves

Best Monsters to Capture

Prologue & Chapter 1 Monsters

Sylph and Undine

Bravely Default 2 - Undine

Both Sylph and Undine use White Wind that heals all allies with restorative magic. These enemies can be found during the Prologue and in Chapter 1, respectively.

Having these captured enemies comes in useful especially when facing rare monsters or bosses that counter White Magic.

Orc Leader

Bravely Default 2 - Orc Leader
Capturing an Orc Leader lets you use its Encourage ability, which increases your attack power by 15%. This ability can be obtained as early as Chapter 1 and can still be used in later battles.

Orc Leader Location and Drops

Chapter 2 Monsters


Bravely Default 2 - Petunia

Almost all Story Bosses in Chapter 2 are weak to Light and the Petunias, when used in battle, cast a powerful Light elemental Banishra that can easily defeat the bosses in a few turns.

These monsters can be found in Wiswald Woods near the dungeon's entrance.

Petunia Location and Drops

Chapter 3 Monsters

Crystalcap Mountain Monsters

Bravely Default 2 - Crystalcap Monster Battle
Most of the monsters found in the Crystal Cap Mountain in Enderno are powerful in their own right.

These enemies include Sleipnir, which uses Acid Breath which reduces Magic Defense and Physical Defense by 15%. Triffid has the Tempest ability, a powerful attack that hits all enemies. Lastly, Lapislion uses a powerful Dark elemental magic called Doomsday.

All of these enemies can be found as early as Chapter 3.

Chapter 4 Monsters

Ruined Mageling

Bravely Default II - Ruined Mageling
Two Story Bosses in Chapter 4 are weak to Light and the Ruined Mageling casts a more powerful Light elemental magic called Banishga that can easily defeat the bosses.

These monsters can be found in the Wrecked Institute west of Wiswald.

Ruined Mageling Location and Drops

Dagon Shieldbearer

Bravely Default II - Dagon Shieldbearer.png
The Dagon Shieldbearer, when used in battle, casts Vallation which protects the team from a single magical attack.

This monster comes in useful when battling the Story Boss in Wiswald as he only attacks with magic.

Dagon Shieldbearer Location and Drops

Chapter 5


Bravely Default II - Ench-ant-er
Before facing the Story Boss found in the Wind Room in Chapter 5, capture some Ench-ant-ers in Holograd first.

These monsters cast Tornado, a powerful Wind elemental magic attack. Having a party member use this, along with a Red Mage, can help make the battle easy as the boss never counters magic attacks.

Ench-ant-er Location and Drops


Bravely Default II - Antiphates
The last Story Boss in Chapter 5 is susceptible to Contagion and the Antiphates's Sickly Spittle has a chance to inflict the said status ailment when used.

Antiphates Location and Drops

Chapter 6


Bravely Default II - Kobold
The secret boss in Chapter 6 can generate BP when getting attacked and may knock out your entire party if he braves three times.

To combat this, capture some Kobolds at the Treetop Tower in Wiswald. These monsters use the Brave Robber ability, which lets you steal 1 BP from a target and add it to yours.

Kobold Location and Drops


Bravely Default II - Rafflesia
One Quest Boss in Chapter 6 is weak to Dark and if you don't have an Arcanist on your party, capturing some Rafflesias can make the battle a bit easier.

These monsters, when used in battle, casts a powerful Dark elemental magic called Doomsday and can be found at the Fount of Knowledge in Mag Mell.

Rafflesia Location and Drops

Chapter 7

Siamese Cait

Bravely Default II - Siamese Cait
Most of the enemies found in the Isle of Nothingness are weak to light and having some captured Siamese Caits may come in handy when dealing with them.

These monsters cast the Holy magic attack, which is a good alternative if you don't have a level 12 Spritbringer in your party and can be found at the Fount of Knowledge in Mag Mell.

Siamese Cait Location and Drops


Bravely Default II - Sizzlemoth
One particular boss in the Hall of Tribulation is susceptible to the Charm status ailment. If you don't have ingredients to create a Charm Bomb, capturing some Sizzlemoths is an alternative.

These monsters use the Hail to the Queen ability, which attempts to inflict Charm to all targets. They can be found at Magma Mountain in Holograd.
Sizzlemoth Location and Drops

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