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Bravely Default 2 - How Long is Bravely Default 2
Curious about how long the main storyline is for Bravely Default 2? We have the answers for you here! Check here for info on how long it takes to beat Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch including main story quests as well as side quests.

How Long is Bravely Default 2?

60 Hours to Unlock the True Ending

Bravely Default 2 takes about 60 hours to reach the game's true ending. This also includes grinding to raise the party's level and Job level at certain points in the game.

For reference, our own walkthrough staff took 69 hours and 14 minutes to complete the true ending and to level up the party's Jobs at max level.

70 Hours for the Halls of Tribulation

It takes 70 hours to complete both the true ending and the Halls of Tribulation.

After reaching a certain point in Chapter 6, you'll be able to farm for Experience and Job Points (JP) efficiently, so you can clear the true ending and the trials easily.

100 Hours for 100% Completion

Requirements for 100% Completion
・Complete all Side Quests
・Obtain all weapons and armor
・Complete the Lore book
・Defeat all Rare Monsters and Quest Bosses
・Collect all B & D Cards

It might take you 100 hours of play time, or more if you are playing on a higher difficulty, to complete everything listed above.

If you also plan to spend extra time grinding to level up everyone's Job Levels, you may easily spend another extra 20 hours to do so.
How to Farm JP Quickly

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