Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Beat Hall of Tribulation II

Hall of Tribulation II
This is a guide to Hall of Tribulation II, a Trial battle in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II). Read on to know how to beat Hall of Tribulation II, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategy against Hall of Tribulation II.

Hall of Tribulation II Basic Info

Hall of Tribulation II Enemies


Orpheus Icon
Water Bow
Half Damage
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Fallen Angel's Harp
Stealables Small JP Orb
Hypnos Crown


Anihal Icon
Earth Sword
Half Damage
Dark Fire Spear
No Immunities
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Ringmaster's Spear
Stealables Small JP Orb
White Robe


Shirley Icon
Lightning Staff
Half Damage
Light Earth Bow
No Immunities
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Longshot Bow
Stealables Small JP Orb


Bernard Icon
Light Axe
Half Damage
Wind Dagger
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Stealables Small JP Orb
Diamond Chestplate

How to Beat Hall of Tribulation II

Hall of Tribulation II Recommended Jobs, Abilities, and Equipment

Recommended Jobs

Best Jobs
Vanguard Icon Vanguard White Mage Icon White Mage Bard Icon Bard Phantom Icon Phantom
Best Sub-Jobs
Gambler Icon Gambler Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster White Mage Icon White Mage Salve-Maker Icon Salve-Maker

Recommended Abilities and Items

Best Abilities/Items
High Roller Godspeed Strike (Won't) Be Missing You Hurts so Bad
Counter-Savvy Compounding Numbneedle Offensive Attack Items

List of Abilities

Hall of Tribulation II Movesets


Screamin it Out Deals non-elemental damage to the whole party.
Don't Let `Em Trick You Magic defense up for the whole party.
Shoot you to the stars Increases the party's speed.
Don't Let `Em Get to You Reduce physical damage to your party.
BP Up Used as a counter against any ability.


Cavalry Charge Damages a target and increases Anihal's speed.
Acid Damages all targets and reduces their physical defense.
Muzzle Silences all targets.
Staggering Swipe Damages a target and delays their turn.
BP Up Used as a counter against any ability.
Shut up and Dance Makes the target act immediately.
Stone Deald 300 damage to all party members
Only used when low on MP.


Odds or Even Deals damage to a single target. Deals more damage depending if the roulette stops at odd or even (enemy choices invisible)
Bold Gambit Grants their whole team 3 BP if roulette stops at 10.
Real Elemental Wheel Deals around 2000 damage per hit. Element and hit count depends on Roulette results.
Only used when in Critical HP.
Unlucky Eight Deals 9999 damage if roulette lands on 8.
Highroller Deals massive damage to a single target.


Buff Burglar Used as a counter against buffs.
Bernard can still steal the buff even if the attack misses from Countersavvy.
Supreme Valley Deals massive damage to a single target.
Only used when in critical HP.
Steal Spirit Steals MP from a target.
Perfectly Awful Deals strong physical damage to a target.
Godspeed Strike Deals high damage to a target. The same damage will be inflicted to the target after a few turns have passed.
Tornado's Edge Deals strong wind elemental damage to a target.

Hall of Tribulation II Strategy

Phantom+Salve-Maker Paralysis Lock

All enemies in this battle are vulnerable to Paralysis. If you have some damage items and Numbneedles in your inventory, paralyze locking the enemy will make the fight extremely easy.

Pay to Win

Seth Highroller
Another strategy is to use the Vanguard that has the Surpassing Power support ability while having almost 999 attack (easily doable with heavy equipment and Dual Wield).

Just Brave 3 times and use High Roller on an enemy to defeat them. High Roller's damage can also be increased by the Bard's Hurts So Bad ability and it can be mimed too so if you have a level 15 Freelancer, giving them the Freelancer Sub-Job and using Mimic will easily defeat these foes.

Focus Bernard and Shirley First


Only these two enemies really poses a threat to your party. By bursting them down, you will cut down the amount of risk in the fight by a lot!

Make sure to apply the Bard's accuraccy buffs first before attacking them or your attacks might miss!

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4 Count of Drakupoabout 1 year

I just bombed the enemy party using Electon from Red Mage/Arcanist, powering it off a Shieldmaster/Vanguard, with a White Mage/Spiritmaster for healing. Had my 4th as a Swordmaster/Dragoon, but that ended up minimally contributing.


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