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Adelle Character Guide

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Here is the character guide for Adelle in Bravely Default 2. Learn everything you need to know about this character including their backstory, personality, and skills!

Adelle Basic Information

A skilled mercenary who is employed by Elvis to accompany him on his quest for the Asterisks.

Skills and Abilities

Adelle Freelancer.png
Adelle starts off as a Freelancer when she joins the party. As a playable character, she is free to switch to any of the other Jobs that the player sees fit.

Adelle Monk Vignette.png
Near the end of the Prologue, a vignette features her with the Monk Asterisk.

List of All New and Returning Job Classes

Adelle Profile and Backstory


Loyal Mercenary

Adelle Loyal Mercenary.png
Adelle serves as the travelling companion of Elvis as they roam Excillant in search of Asterisks. Despite her claims that their relationship is strictly on an on-hire basis, they seem to share a bond that lets them work together well.

Searching for Her Sister

Adelle Searching for her Sister.png
It is revealed that one of the reasons Adelle is tagging along with Elvis is because she is on the search for her missing sister. It appears her sister disappeared from their village some time ago, and she is now scouring the continent to find her.

Chapter 1

Tracking down Bernard

Adelle Tracking Down Bernard.png
On the search for the Water Crystal, the team learn from Orpheus that Bernard has the treasured stone they're looking for. Adelle suggests they should look for the young girl that often accompanies Bernard.

Learning More about Bernard

Adelle Learning more about Bernard.png
After gaining a lead from Anihal, the team decide to question some townspeople about Bernard's suspicious actions. One townsperson claims that Bernard might be responsible for some shady dealings in Savalon. Adelle and the team decide to investigate the waterways that Bernard has been working on in the hopes of learning more about the crystal's whereabouts.

Infiltrating Bernards Mansion

Adelle Infiltrating Bernards Mansion.png
When their investigation of the waterways concluded, the team has come to realize that Bernard must be hiding the Water Crystal somewhere in his mansion. The team put their heads together to come up with a plan on infiltrating Bernard's Mansion. Adelle suggests that they sneak in when Bernard is away to avoid higher security.

Showdown with Bernard

Showdown with Bernard.png
The team end up finding the Water Crystal in Bernard's Mansion. Upon its discovery, the Water Crystal granted its blessing onto Gloria. With this the rest of the team turn the tables on Bernard. The two sides do battle until our heroes end up taking the thief down.

Prince Castor Appears

The Princes Scheme.png
Despite losing against the team, Bernard doesn't seem to show a single sign of remorse. The prince soon appears and it is revealed that he has been in cahoots with Bernard all along.

The Twisted Prince

Gloria The Twisted Kings Wishes.png
However, the prince takes this opportunity to slay Bernard and pin his death onto Gloria and the rest of the team. It is revealed that his true motives are to take the Crystal's power for himself. He sends the team away to be imprisoned as he claims possession of the Water Crystal.

Castor's Malevolence

Imprisoned Royalty.png
Sitting in the dungeons of Savalon, the team try to brainstorm how they might escape. But from another cell, a man's voice calls out Gloria's name. It is revealed that Prince Pollux, Prince Castor's brother, had been detained and imprisoned for trying to stop Castor's malevolent ambitions.

Prince Pollux explains that Castor's behaviour had become malicious upon receipt of an Asterisk. Adelle begs to learn where Castor acquired his Asterisk. Pollux explains that it was from a mysterious traveller.

Anihal's Rescue

Anihals Rescue.png
Castor soon appears explaining that he feels that it is his duty as protector of his realm to provide for Savalon. Shortly after Castor leaves the dungeons, Anihal appears to set the team and Prince Pollux free. Prince Pollux asks the team to confront Castor and to help his kingdom.

Chapter 3

Ending Senseless Persecution

Chapter 3 - Adelle is a Fairy.png
The team discover that Rimedhal has been hosting public executions of people they suspect to be fairies. Claiming to work according to the will of their Dragon Master, the citizens of Rimedhal have been subjected to trials where people are pushed off a cliff as they fall to their death. The clergy of Rimedhal believe that fairies would sprout their wings to save themselves, and the innocents will die faithfully in the name of their lord.

Not wanting this to go on any longer, Adelle interferes with one of the trials where her loyal friend Martha was persecuted under suspicion of being a fairy. As she was to fall to her death, Adelle pushes her way through a crowd and jumps off the cliff after Martha. She swoops in and reveals herself to be a fairy, much to the surprise of her friend, her team, and the entire country of Rimedhal.

The Asterisk Thief and stopping the Night's Nexus

Chapter 3 - Adelles Sister.png
Making their escape away from the scene of the execution, Adelle formally reveals herself as a fairy to her companions. She also explains that the sister she's been looking for is also a fairy who has been giving away the Asterisks which had been stolen from the kingdom of fairies.

The Fire Crystal's Blessing

Chapter 3 - Adelle
Despite the many attempts to stop the members of the Church of Rimedhal from their unjust harrying of citizens, they continue to discriminate and threaten the people of Rimedhal. The team decides to head straight to the archbishop to confront him about these wrongdoings.

Seeing Adelle's passion to defend even those who persecuted against her kind, the Fire Crystal offers its blessing to her and reveals that the previous bearer of the Fire Crystal's blessing was the Fairy Queen.

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