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Mag Mell Chests and Area Guide

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Here is the complete guide for Mag Mell, an area in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Check here to learn everything you need to know about Mag Mell including all quests, treasure chests, BnD cards, and shop items located within the town.

Mag Mell Overview

The legendary home of the fairies, Mag Mell, is explored in Chapter 6 of Bravely Default 2. An area unknown to humans where time moves differently, Mag Mell is the home to fairy-kind. Despite their isolationist beliefs, Mag Mell has decided to play its part in stopping the Night's Nexus.

List of Mag Mell Treasure Chests

Location and Description Loot
Normal Chest

Hidden from view, this chest can be found behind a beach past a large root crossing the water.
Barrier Shroud
Normal Chest

Hidden from view, this chest can be found beneath the large tree, near the northwest part of the map.
Diamond Gloves
Normal Chest

Hidden from view, this chest is right by the entrance of Mag Mell.
Giant Experience Orb

All Chest Locations

List of Mag Mell Quests

A World in Bloom

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
94 Pick the three kinds of flower. Smart Cravat x 1
Quest Giver

The Snowman

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
95 Find a Snowman Giant JP Orb x 1
Quest Giver
Fairy on the giant branch in Mag Mell

A Fairy's Blessing

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
96 Deliver the flower crown to the girl. Blessing x 1
Quest Giver
Fairy in the back side of Mag Mell

Feline Free

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
97 Defeat some Siamese caits Reflect Ring x 1
Quest Giver
Fairy near the fount of knowledge's entrance in Mag Mell

Siamese Caits Location

The Collector

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
100 Collect oberon gems from umbra elements or other sources. Growth Egg x 2
Quest Giver
Fairy in Mag Mell

How to Get Oberon Gems

Complete Side Quest List

Mag Mell Enemies

No enemies appear in Mag Mell.

List of Mag Mell Shop Items

Available from the Beginning


Item Price Item Price
Antidote 15 Ether 220
Mini Ether 90 Phoenix Down 150
Hi-Potion 200 Potion 40
Balsam 66 Atlatl 240
Stone 240 Magnifying Glass 22
Teleport Stone 180 Tent 270
Ward Light 85 Eye Drops 20
Echo Herbs 24 Wakeup Bell 40
Animator 52 Throwing Knife 240
Shuriken 240 Throwing Axe 240
Dart 240 Throwing Stick 240
Bomb Fragment 240 Antarctic Wind 260
Zeus's Wrath 260 Monstrous Medley 12600
Soul Food 5770 Devil's Delight 5190
Ghoulash 5770 Plant Food 5190
Insect Nectar 5630 Fresh Fish 5440
Beast Flesh 5440 People Pleasers 5630
Pathogen 2000 Witch's Whisper 1500
Wildweed 1000 Dreadstool 500
Numbneedle 250 Hush Pollen 200
Ink 100 Spellblossom 15000
Magic Herb 800 Healing Bloom 2000
Healing Herb 100 Meteorite 2200
Stardust 260 Dark Deluge 2200
Dark Drops 260 Direct Sunlight 2200
Direct Moonlight 260 Tengu Sneeze 2200
Tengu Yawn 260 Earth Mallet 2200
Earth Drum 260 Pantheon's Wrath 2200
Arctic Wind 2200 Bomb Arm 2200
Remedy 300 Elixir 10000
Smelling Salts 85 X-Potion 630


Weapon Price Weapon Price
Sage's Staff 24800 Sylvan Bow 25400
Roncone 27430 Juggernaut 28650
Knight's Sword 26520 Chaos Blade 11260
Darksteel Kukri 25160 Assassin Dagger 10980


Armor Price Armor Price
Crystal Mail 19400 Luminous Robe 17200
Dark Robes 17200 Black Robe 18600
Crystal Helm 16200 Red Cap 6530
Black Cowl 6080 Royal Crown 15100
Dragonskin Headscarf 6470 Blessing 6670


Accessory Price Accessory Price
Ice Talisman 1560 Flame Talisman 1560
Thunder Talisman 1560 Star Pendant 600
Silver Glasses 620 White Veil 760
Vaccine 10870 Self-Portrait 11810
Snappy Sash 10780 Snug Scarf 3680
Sands of Time 3720 Safety Ring 2320
Locket 2200 Peace Ring 2270
Courage Ring 840 Earthing Rod 880
Clothespin 810 Dark Talisman 15300
Light Talisman 15300 Earth Talisman 3490
Wind Talisman 3490 Elf Cape 51800
Dwarven Gloves 9150 Hermes Shoes 26600
Magic Armlets 5950 Barrier Shroud 6840
Soul of Thamasa 6930 Diamond Gloves 12300
Royal Crown 5100 Heart Ring 2860
Adamant Bangle 3310

Available from Chapter 7


There are no new items available for purchase


Weapon Price Weapon Price
Nirvana 42700 Speed Bow 43900
Ryunohige 45900 Parashu 47200
Excalibur 44160 Highroad Star 43200


Armor Price Armor Price
White Robe 28000 Diamond Chestplate 30200
Ribbon 200000 Hypnos Crown 22100
Circlet 19200 Priwen 26800


Armor Price
Smart Cravat 66000

List of BnD Cards obtainable in Mag Mell

Monster Cards

No Monster Cards can be exclusively won in Mag Mell.

Job Cards

B & D Card Effect
Bravebearer IconBravebearer Effect: Brave
Once placed, triggered when you have two cards left in your hand. Allows you to place an extra card. One-time effect.

Character Cards

B & D Card Effect
Sir Sloan IconSir Sloan Effect: Brave
Opponent cannot see this card's token. Triggered when opponent flanks a square. Opponent must then play another card. Extended effect.

B & D Card List and Effects

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