Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

List of Staves

Check here for the list of Staves found in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. We have everything you need to know from stats to special abilities!

List of Staves

Weapon List
Name Stats Location
Bravely Default II - StaffStaff Phys Atk: 11
Magic Atk: 17
Shop at Halcyonia.
Bravely Default II - WizardWizard's Rod Phys Atk: 16
Magic Atk: 21
Shop at Halcyonia.
Bravely Default II - Mythril StaffMythril Staff Phys Atk: 20
Magic Atk: 31
Shop at Savalon.
Bravely Default II - Staff of LifeStaff of Life Phys Atk: 24
Magic Atk: 21
Chest in the Abandoned Mansion near Savalon.
Bravely Default II - Rune StaffRune Staff Phys Atk: 29
Magic Atk: 47
Shop at Wiswald.
Bravely Default II - Oak StaffOak Staff Phys Atk: 35
Magic Atk: 53
Chest in Hydrangea Hills and in the Institute at Wiswald. Shop at Wiswald after defeating Lily.
Bravely Default II - Rod of FireRod of Fire Phys Atk: 44
Magic Atk: 55
Chest inside Institute of Magical Inquiry in Wiswald. Shop at Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - Rod of IceRod of Ice Phys Atk: 41
Magic Atk: 58
Chest inside Secret Studio in Wiswald. Shop at Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - Jade CrosierJade Crosier Phys Atk: 49
Magic Atk: 69
Shop at Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - Yggdrasil StaffYggdrasil Staff Phys Atk: 55
Magic Atk: 61
Shop at Wiswald after defeating Vigintio.
Bravely Default II - Gaia RodGaia Rod Phys Atk: 55
Magic Atk: 78
Shop at Wiswald after defeating Vigintio. Chest inside Serpent's Grotto near Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - HeijiHeiji's Jitte Phys Atk: 79
Magic Atk: 52
Complete the quest: Jewellery Heist
Bravely Default II - Hammer MaceHammer Mace Phys Atk: 86
Magic Atk: 60
Shop at Wiswald after defeating Vigintio. Chest in Wrecked Institute in Wiswald.
Bravely Default II - DemonDemon's Rod Phys Atk: 63
Magic Atk: 90
Chest in Flying Fortress. Complete the quest: The Power of Flowers.
Bravely Default II - GambanteinnGambanteinn Phys Atk: 66
Magic Atk: 94
Shop at Rimedhal after defeating Adam.
Bravely Default II - Divine RodDivine Rod Phys Atk: 72
Magic Atk: 102
Chest in Chromatite Mines. Complet the quest: Keep Your Feet on the Ground.
Bravely Default II - SageSage's Staff Phys Atk: 76
Magic Atk: 108
Shop at Mag Mell.
Bravely Default II - MjollnirMjollnir Phys Atk: 113
Magic Atk: 110
Chest in Isle of Nothingness
Bravely Default II - NirvanaNirvana Phys Atk: 106
Magic Atk: 115
Shop at Mag Mell after defeating The Nights Nexus for the first time.
Bravely Default II - AsclepiusAsclepius Phys Atk: 118
Magic Atk: 124
Dropped item. Stealable item.
Bravely Default II - Maidenhair StaffMaidenhair Staff Phys Atk: 123
Magic Atk: 128
Dropped by Selene in Hall of Tribulation VII
Bravely Default II - LeviathanLeviathan Phys Atk: 117
Magic Atk: 138
Dropped by Lady Emma in Hall of Tribulation I
Bravely Default II - Fallen AngelFallen Angel's Harp Phys Atk: 135
Magic Atk: 126
Dropped by Orpheus in Hall of Tribulation II
Bravely Default II - Bloody BrushBloody Brush Phys Atk: 131
Magic Atk: 133
Dropped by Folie in Hall of Tribulation V
Bravely Default II - Sunshine StaffSunshine Staff Phys Atk: 120
Magic Atk: 130
Dropped by Helio in Hall of Tribulation IV
Bravely Default II - Crescent CaneCrescent Cane Phys Atk: 110
Magic Atk: 143
Dropped by Viginitio in Hall of Tribulations V

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