How to Beat Hall of Tribulation IV | Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Bravely Default 2 - How to Beat Hall of Tribulation IV

This is a guide to Hall of Tribulation IV, a Trial battle in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II). Read on to know how to beat Hall of Tribulation IV, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategy against Hall of Tribulation IV.

Hall of Tribulation IV Basic Info

Hall of Tribulation IV Enemies


Martha Icon
Fire Axe
Half Damage
Wind Water Spear
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Draconic Lance
Stealables Small JP Orb
Crystal Vest


Domenic Icon
Dark Dagger
Half Damage
No Immunities
Lightning Water Fire
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Farsight Bow
Stealables Small JP Orb


Helio Icon
Dark Sword
Half Damage
Lightning Water Staff
No Immunities
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Sunshine Staff
Stealables Small JP Orb
Lordly Robes

How to Beat Hall of Tribulation IV

Hall of Tribulation IV Recommended Jobs, Abilities, and Equipment

Recommended Jobs

Best Jobs
Vanguard Icon Vanguard Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster Freelancer Icon Freelancer Vanguard Icon Vanguard

Recommended Sub-Jobs

Best Sub-Jobs
Swordmaster Icon Swordmaster Legendary White Mage Icon White Mage Oracle Icon Oracle Swordmaster Icon Swordmaster Legendary
Thief Icon Thief - - Thief Icon Thief

Recommended Abilities and Items

Best Abilities/Items
Godspeed Strike Neo Cross Slash Elemental Supplement Ninefold Flurry
Ninefold Flurry - - -

List of Abilities

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Equipments
Flame Talisman Icefire Shield Dark Robe Moonbeam Shield

Hall of Tribulation IV Key Movements

Reflect (Domenic) Reflects a spell back to the attacker.
Triplara/ga(Domenic) Casts a tier 2/3 spell to a target 1-3 times.
Super Jump(Martha) Escapes the battlefield then launches an attack to the party and delays their turn
Auto-Life (Helio) Ressurects after death
Happens only once.
Reraise (Helio) Ressurects after death then it consumes the buff.

Hall of Tribulation IV Strategy

Stock Up BP

3 BP
Martha will start using Soul Jump every turn once her HP reaches critical status. Since it delays your party's turn, it will be near impossible to take a turn if your party lacks enough speed.

To work around this, stock up your BP then eliminate Martha in one turn when her HP starts to get low.

Rely on Elemental Resistances to Survive

Helio Holy 0 Damage
Domenic, despite having access to 3 elemental attacks, will often focus on casting Reflect to their team and your team. Gear up Light resistant gear like the Moonbeam Shield to deflect Helio's Holy attacks.

Dual Wield to Increase Aim

With a Spiritmaster on your team, using buffs will be a no-go due to Purebringer's effect.

To reliably hit Martha who has a high evasion stat, equip the Dual Wield ability from the Phantom then change your shield to another weapon to greatly amp up your aim stat.

Use Elemental Supplement on Martha!

Martha 0 Damage
Since Martha only uses physical attacks, it will be impossible to equip elemental gear to counter her.

Make your Oracle use the Elemental Supplement of your chosen elemental resistance to Martha to nullify her attacks and make her deal 0 damage (or even heal you if you have +3 resistance to the said element).

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