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Pg Guide | How to Farm Money Quickly

PG Farming Guide
This is a guide to the fastest way to farm pg (money) in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see the best way to farm pg, other methods to farm pg, and abilities that helps with money farming.

How to Farm pg (Money)

Beat Enemies

Bravely Default 2 - Battle System.png

Defeating enemies naturally grants EXP, JP, and pg. Keep on fighting enemies if you want to gain more pg. The stronger the enemy, the more pg you'll obtain so if you're not getting enough money, it may be time to proceed the story.

Sell collectible items

You'll find items through several means that belongs to the collectible category. These items serve no purpose aside from being sold for a quick cash. Don't hesitate to hold on to them and just sell them when the chance arises!

List of All Collectable Resources

Use Forage

Forage allows you to gain random items while on the battle. If you have 4 characters braving 4 times to use 4 Forages, you'll naturally be loaded with items soon. Among these items, you also get collectible items so sell them off for some extra cash. And with the items you get, you will likely only spend pg now for equipments!

Forage List | All Items Obtained from Foraging

Chop grass in the world map

Bravely Default 2 pg Farming

71 pg let's go!

While this is not the best way to farm money, cutting grass when roaming the map may net you some pg. The value ranges from practically non existent to extravagant level of amount. The rarity of this happening is what makes it an inefficient farming method but don't forget to cut grass when you're idling randomly on the map.

How to Maximize pg

Equip the Gambler's “More Money” Ability

Similar to the Freelancer's JP Up and JP Up and Up ability, the Gambler also has the same skill for pg called More Money. It increases the amount of pg you obtain from battles by 10% per each character that has the ability equipped. If you really need more money, change everyone's class to Gambler and learn this ability!

Assign a Character to the Gambler Class


Aside from the Gambler's “More Money” ability, it also has a natural speciality called “All or Nothing” which can occasionally multiply EXP, JP, or pg by 15 but one of them will always be 0 after a battle. In addition to that, the Gambler's special ability Jackpot fill the party's MP and grants a sizable amount of pg.

Other PG Farming Methods

Spam Gambler's Spin the Wheel

Spin the Wheel rewards your party with 77 pg x the result you get from the roulette. By having 4 characters using the ability against a weak enemy, you can easily farm up a lot of PG!

Spin the Wheel Ability Overview

Sell Spellblossoms

Bravely Default II - Triffid.png

Spellblossoms are worth a fortune if sold. Spellblossoms can be farmed from the Crystal Cap Mountains. You can obtain it from the Triffids in the area both as a rare drop and as a rare steal. To easily obtain these items, equip the Rare Talent abiity on all four party members to easily rack up on Spellblossoms!

Spellblossom Overview, Location, and Price

Best Method for Farming Pg for the Late Game / NG+

Farm Queen Wiki-Wikis in the Fount of Knowledge

Farming Queen Wiki-Wikis.png

This method is unparalleled among the late game methods of farming pg. As stated above, we recommend equipping the Gambler's More Money and Even More Money abilities to as many members as you can to maximize earnings. For an added bonus, equip the Golden Egg to your party members to further boost ther pg earnings. Finally, make sure one of your members is equipped with the Bravebearer's Obliterate ability, or is equipped with the Sword of Light.

Use a Monstrous Medley in the Fount of Knowledge and engage battle with any enemy. Our objective is to have you combat several Queen Wiki-Wikis, and since they are vulnerable to the instant kill from Obliterate, they offer a phenomenal amount of JP, EXP, and pg.

How to Kill Wiki-Wikis

One Monstrous Medley should allow you to engage in about 6 different battles, each with about 4-6 consecutive encounters. In our testing, we were able to get upwards of 477,000 pg with just one Monstrous Medley, this is more than enough to compensate the price of a single Monstrous Medley, 37 times over. The best part is, you'll also earn a tremendous amount of JP with this method.

JP Farming

Maximum Pg Obtainable

Maximum pg Cap.png
Pg maxes out at 9,999,999. Any more that you earn from battles will not increase your balance.

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1 Anonymousabout 3 years

There's an area just north of Holograd where, if you use Insect Nectar, almost every battle drops Spell Blossoms and enough insects spawn that you're not standing around waiting. Add money increase abilities and equipment, and I've made about 2m pg in 8 hours. JP abilities too, and I've levelled up well over half of the abilities in this time as well.


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