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Here is the overview page for Healing Bloom, an item in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. Check here to see its effect, where it can be found, and what enemies can drop this item!

Healing Bloom Overview

Basic Info

Healing Bloom
Description Material imbued with a great deal of restorative power.
Location Chest near Rimedhal. Shop at Rimedhal after defeating Adam.
Dropped by
Stolen from
Price Buy: 2000
Sell: 500
Obtained in Quest

Salve-Maker Ingredient Combinations


Ingredient Item Result
Healing Bloom + Potion X-Potion
Restores 2500 HP to a target.
Healing Bloom + Hi-Potion Mega Potion
Restores 5000 HP to a target.
Healing Bloom + X-Potion Giga Potion
Restores 7500 HP to a target.
Healing Bloom + Phoenix Down Resurrect
Revives a single ally from KO.
Healing Bloom + Mini Ether Half Elixir
Restores 5000 HP and 200 MP to a target.
Healing Bloom + Ether Elixir
Fully restores HP and MP to a target.
Healing Bloom + Elixir Elixir
Fully restores a target's HP and MP.
Magic Herb + Megalixir Megalixir
Fully restores the whole party's HP and MP.
Healing Bloom + Antidote Cure Poison
Cures a target of poison.
Healing Bloom + Eye Drops Cure Blind
Cures a target of blindness.
Healing Bloom + Echo Herbs Cure Silence
Cures a target of silence.
Healing Bloom + Wakeup Bell Cure Sleep
Cures a target of sleep.
Healing Bloom + Animator Cure Paralysis
Cures a target of paralysis.
Healing Bloom + Balsam Cure Dread
Cures a target of dread.
Healing Bloom + Smelling Salts Cure Confusion
Cures a target of confusion.
Healing Bloom + Remedy Multidote
Cures a target of poison, blindness, silence, sleep, paralysis, dread, berserk, charm, confusion and contagion.


Ingredient Item Result
Healing Bloom + Stone
Throwing Knife
Throwing Axe
Throwing Stick
Bomb Fragment
Antarctic Wind
Zeus's Wrath
Earth Drum
Tengu Yawn
Direct Moonlight
Dark Drops
Poison Bomb
Deals physical damage to enemies that induces poison.
Healing Bloom + Bomb Arm
Arctic Wind
Pantheon's Wrath
Earth Mallet
Tengu Sneeze
Direct Sunlight
Dark Deluge
Big Poison Bomb
Deals heavy physical damage that induces poison.

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