Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Final Demo Guide, Tips, and Boss Fight Strategies

This is a walkthrough for the final demo for Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know the objectives for this chapter, all the boss fights available, all side quests, and all the necessary tips to get through the demo in one piece.

Bravely Default 2 Demo Walkthrough

Main Objectives

Below are the key objectives in the final demo for Bravely Default 2. Refer to the table below to jump to a specific section of the chapter.

Savalon to Sandswept Ruins Underground Reservoir

Savalon - Sandswept Ruins

1 Head to Salvano
2 Proceed to the Plaza then into the Palace
3 Return to the plaza once again then enter the bar
Before exiting, head to the 2nd floor then head to the left. Follow the path then exit from there. Open the chest to get a Clothespin.
Optional Sidequests available!
Say It With Shells
Target Practice
The Harbinger of Calamity
4 Exit Salvano (there will be a short scene at the exit) and head to the Sandswept Ruins to the south.
5 From the entrance, keep heading northeast. After entering an arc, head left then north at the dead end.
Loot the chest at the other side of the wall when you're heading left as it contains a clothespin that can be used against the boss of the area.
6 After heading north, head left then south to find a teleporter, activate it.
7 From the teleporter, keep on heading east then south. After encountering a dead end and descending the stairs, head right to find the boss.
Make sure to save and restore your party's HP and MP via a tent!
Boss Fight Asterisk Bearer Gaming Halld.jpg Orpheus Boss Fight
8 Exit the Sandswept Ruins and return to Savalon.
9 Go to the designated area on the map to find Anihal.
10 Talk to the man in a white garb on the east.
11 Go to the house to the southeast side of Savalon then use the stairs to descend.

Savalon - Underground Reservoir

Note The dungeon is filled with several enemies that can inflict poison. Buying and equipping 4 star pendants from the weapon shop can greatly reduce the enemy's damage output for this dungeon.
1 Head down the slope then head right.
To the left is an enemy and a chest that contains an Ice Talisman.
2 After encountering three diverging paths, head north first then exit to find a rare monster. Do not engage it. Instead, head around it and get the two chests which cointain the Force Armlet and Power Bracers for your white mage and monk.
3 Return to the three diverging paths and head down. Heading right leads to a chest with a pitchfork.
4 After encountering the dtwo splitting paths, take the path upward (the downward one leads to a chest with 3 Antarctic Winds)
5 Save at the next save point then prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Fight Anihal Boss Fight.
6 After beating Anihal, exit the Reservoir and return to Savalon.
7 Head to Anihal's house.
The prince will leave your party after this so try to do everything you want battle wise as your party's performance will weaken without his attacks and debuffs.
8 End of Demo.

Demo Bosses

Boss Fight: Orpheus

How to Beat Orpheus

Bravely default 2 Spear Icon.pngBravely Default 2 Bow Icon.pngBravely Default 2 Water Icon.png
Half Damage Bravely Default 2 Wind Icon.png
Immunities None.
Absorbs None.
Stealable Items None.

Orpheus is the bearer of the Gaming Halld Asterisk and is a support type enemy. He is also capable of inflicting sleep as a revenge move against magic users so make sure that you have obtained the Clothespins along the way or it will be difficult for Gloria and Elvis to fight him!

How to Beat Orpheus

Boss Fight: Anihal

How to Beat Anihal

Bravely Default 2 Earth Icon.png sword icon bravely default 2.png
Half Damage None.
Immunities None.
Absorbs None.
Stealable Items None.

Anihal is the bearer of the Beast Master Asterisk and is surrounded with pet monsters during your fight against her. Proper prioritization of targets, status ailment immunity, and resource management is the key to win this battle.

How to Beat Anihal

Rare Monster Fight: Mushussu

Bravely Default 2 Mushussu

Mushussu is the “weaker” super boss found in the Bravely Default 2 demo. It's capable of unleashing an AOE attack that can deal roughly 400 damage to everyone, a single target damage attack that inflicts poison and around 1000 damage to its target, and can use a revenge attack against bard abilities. Read our guide below to learn how to beat the Mushussu!

How to Beat Mushussu

Demo Obtainable Asterisks

Bard Job

Bard Intro and Abilities

As shown in your fight against Orpheus, the Bard is capable of providing supportive buffs to your allies. While the recovery support skills belongs to the white mage, stat buffs are the Bard's forte. Try to include it as a sub job to your support characters to solidify their role as a support!

Bard Job Abilities and Proficiencies

Beastmaster Job

Beast Master info and introduction

The Beastmaster is a master of the Spear and Bow. The Beastmaster's main focus is reducing an enemy's HP and capturing it. The Beastmaster's true shine is its ability to unleash captured enemies on its foes to use unique abilities that are exclusive to the Beastmaster Job!

Beastmaster Job Abilities and Proficiencies

Demo Sidequests

Say It With Shells

Quest No.1 Objective Reward Difficulty
1 Collect some pretty seashells 0/3 520 pg ★★
Giver: A man in a blue roof house that can be found at the end of the dock just before the road to the palace in Savalon.

Target Practice

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
2 Defeat some goblin archers. (0/3) Iron Bow ★★★★
Giver: Guard in the Palace in Savalon

The Harbinger of Calamity

Quest No. Objective Reward Difficulty
3 Defeat the one-eyedcreature. 680 pg ★★★
Giver:A guy wearing a white robe on the bridge near the entrance of Savalon.

Demo Tips

Pick Up the Clothespin in 2nd floor of Salvano's Gaming Hall and the chest in the Ruins

Clothespin at the bar's 2nd floor. Clothespin at the Ruins.

Clothespin is an accessory that provides immunity to sleep. The first boss that you'll encounter will be using revenge abilities against your casters and will put them to sleep, potentially cancelling brave actions and wasting any BP you used.

Purchase a Star Pendant, a White Veil, and a Silver Glass

After the Sandswept Ruins, you'll head to a dungeon and fight against enemies that can inflict poison. The boss of the area can also inflict poison, silence, and blind status effects.

Do Not Engage the Mushussu Immediately

The Mushussu is a tougher enemy than the regular story bosses you'll encounter. While you should be well-prepared before facing it, it is possible to defeat it.

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