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Elvis Character Guide

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Here is the character guide for Elvis in Bravely Default 2. Learn everything you need to know about this character including their backstory, personality, and skills!

Warning: The following page may contain spoilers!

Elvis Basic Information

A scholar who's on a quest to decipher the secrets of a book he inherited from his mentor. He's a larger-than-life character who's never one to dwell on the minor details.

Skills and Abilities

Elvis Black Mage.png
Elvis starts off as a Black Mage, when he joins the party. As a playable character, he is free to switch to any of the other Jobs that the player sees fit.

Elvis Bard.png
After defeating Orpheus in Chapter 1, we see a character vignette featuring Elvis with the Bard Asterisk.

List of All New and Returning Job Classes

Elvis Profile and Backstory


Collecting Asterisks

Elvis Collecting Asterisks.png
Elvis is a travelling scholar on a quest to collect different Asteriks across Excillant. Aided by his hired mercenary Adelle, the two travel the continent searching for these Asterisks.

Aspiring Scholar

Elvis Aspiring Scholar.png
After inheriting a strange book from his mentor Emma, Elvis realizes he needs the help of the Asterisks to translate the information in his book. As an aspiring scholar, Elvis is motivated by his curiosity to uncover the secrets of his mentor's book.

Chapter 1

The Great and the Good

Elvis The Great and the Good.png
Soon after the group arrives in Savalon, they are shocked at the state of the capital. Elvis suggests that they speak to the King to learn more about the situation. Adelle is concerned that Elvis might make a fool out of himself in front of royalty. But, Elvis reveals that he was born and bred as part of nobility.

He explains that those in nobility regularly deal with scheming and intrigue. As such, he suggests that the group be wary of potential backstabbers and spies.

A Past Revealed

Elvis A Past Revealed.png
After the team gain the Asterisk from defeating Orpheus, Elvis uses it to read some information from his book. For some reason, he was able to take a glimpse of Orpheus' past. Everybody is shocked and Orpheus uses this chance to escape.

Looking Elsewhere

Elvis Well Have to Look Elsewhere.png
After interrogating Anihal, the team have confirmed that the Water Crystal is in Savalon. However, Anihal is reluctant to provide any more information. Worried about pressing her too much, Elvis suggests that they look elsewhere for more information.

Infiltrating Bernard's Mansion

Elvis Infiltrating Bernards Mansion.png
As the team continues their investigation, they've learned that Bernard is in possession of the Crystal and that he is hiding it in his mansion. They decide to sneak into Bernard's mansion and thanks to Prince Castor's cooperation, Bernard had been summoned to the palace, leaving the mansion less guarded. Elvis seems surprised that Prince Castor was true to his word.

Showdown with Bernard

Showdown with Bernard.png
The team end up finding the Water Crystal in Bernard's Mansion. Upon its discovery, the Water Crystal granted its blessing onto Gloria. With this the rest of the team turn the tables on Bernard. The two sides do battle until our heroes end up taking the thief down.

Prince Castor Appears

The Princes Scheme.png
Despite losing against the team, Bernard doesn't seem to show a single sign of remorse. The prince soon appears and it is revealed that he has been in cahoots with Bernard all along.

The Twisted Prince

Gloria The Twisted Kings Wishes.png
However, the prince takes this opportunity to slay Bernard and pin his death onto Gloria and the rest of the team. It is revealed that his true motives are to take the Crystal's power for himself. He sends the team away to be imprisoned as he claims possession of the Water Crystal.

Never Safe From Trouble

Elvis Never Safe From Trouble.png
Now in the dungeons of Savalon, Elvis expresses his disappointment with what the path working with Gloria has led him on. He laments at how instead of being kept out of trouble, it seems he has been sunk into more.

Anihal's Rescue

Anihals Rescue.png
Castor soon appears explaining that he feels that it is his duty as protector of his realm to provide for Savalon. Shortly after Castor leaves the dungeons, Anihal appears to set the team and Prince Pollux free. Prince Pollux asks the team to confront Castor and to help his kingdom.

Chapter 2

Returning Home

Chapter 2 - Elvis Returns to Wiswald.png
After getting a lead that a crystal might be in Wiswald, the team sets out to check it out. Elvis reveals that he is actually from Wiswald, and that Wiswald is the home of mages and scholars. He is welcomed warmly by his fellow men upon arrival but later learns that tragedy has struck several of his old pals.

Calm Rage

Chapter 2 - Elvis Hero of Light.png
The team uncovers that an artist named Folie has been manipulating the residents of Wiswald to produce paint for her malicious masterpieces. It is also revealed that she is responsible for the death of Lily, the daughter of Elvis' best friends. Elvis pursues Folie to get avenge his friends. And as soon as he does, he is granted the Earth Crystal's blessing.

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