Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Beat Gwydion

How to Beat Gwydion
This is a guide to Gwydion, a Boss battle in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II). Read on to know how to beat Gwydion, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategy against Gwydion.

Gwydion Basic Info

Gwydion Strengths, and Weaknesses, and Obtainable Items

Half Damage
Wind Lightning Spear Dagger Axe Bow Sword
Light Fire
Light Fire
Items Dropped Ribbon
Smart Cravat
Stealables Reflect Ring
Golden Egg

How to Beat Gwydion

Gwydion Recommended Jobs, Abilities, and Equipment

Recommended Jobs

Best Jobs
Shieldmaster Icon Shieldmaster Bard Icon Bard Oracle Icon Oracle Bravebearer Icon Bravebearer
Best Sub-Jobs
Bastion Icon Bastion Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster Arcanist Icon Arcanist Vanguard Icon Vanguard

Recommended Abilities and Items

Sub-Job: Bastion
Dual Shields
Fast Hands
Sub-Job BP Saver
Maximise HP (optional)
Sub-Job: White Mage
Noble Sacrifice<
MP Regen
MP Saver<
Born Entertainer
Solar Powered/Lunar Powered
Sub-Job: Arcanist
Dual Wield
Critical Amp
Magic Critical
MP Regen
Surpassing Power
Sub-Job: Vanguard
Critical Amp
Dual Wield
Surpassing Power
Sub-Job Speciality 2
Dagger Lore (or corresponding Lore to the weapon you chose)

List of Abilities

Recommended Equipment

Ribbon Darksteel Kukri Icefire Shield Moonbeam Shield

Gwydion Movesets

Ground State

Reflect Physical Damage Used as a counter against any physical attacks.
Holy Break Deals light elemental damage to a target and inflicts a plethora of status ailments.
Fiery Breath Deals massive fire elemental damage to all party members.
Indiscriminate Rage Attack hits all party members
Activates after returning to ground once.

Flying State

Holy Breath Deals light elemental damage and MP damage to all party members.[]
Withering Glare Reduces BP to 0 if BP is 1 or more.
Blazing Glare Reduces all party member's light and fire resistance by 1, also inflicts stop.
White Wind Restores Gwydion's HP equal to Gwydion's current HP.

Gwydion Strategy

Use magics when grounded and physical when flying.

Gwydion's abilities change depending on the battle's state. When he stays on the ground, physical attacks are not recommended thanks to his ability to reflect physical damage back at the attacker.

While flying, he gains the ability to absorb magical attacks, so all magical abilities are negated. Play according to Gwydion's state.

Equip Dark Elemental Weapons

Ultimatum Gwydion Flying
Weapons like the Darksteel Kukri are highly recommended for your physical attackers.

Gwydion halves all physical damage types aside from staves and barehanded so having a dark elemental weapon to negate the halved damage will make damaging Gwydion much more effective.

Set everyone to critical HP

critical HP Tribulation .png

To abuse the Shieldmaster's passive, set everyone's (aside from the Shieldmaster) HP to critical status.

With this setup, the Shieldmaster will block all of Gwydion's attacks and only his physical attacks will deal damage to your party.

Use Elemental Supplement or Sanctuary to surive grounded state's Indiscriminate Rage

After Gwydion returns to the ground again, his attacks will gain the Indiscriminate Rage's ability which allows his attacks to hit everyone. Since the Shieldmaster takes 4 attacks, dying to Gwydion will be unavoidable.

To survive, use Elemental Supplement on Gwydion and adding an elemental resistance to your shieldmaster will allow your team to survive it.

The Sanctuary move can also be used to survive Gwydion's attacks until he returns to his flying state.

Have at least 400 Accuracy stat for your attacker

Gwydion, despite being a large monster, actually has an extremely high evasion rate. Amping up your attacker's accuracy rate is vital to dealing damage to Gwydion.

The Freelancer, Beastmaster, Ranger, and Bravebearer all posses high accuracy rates so we highly suggest using one of these as your physical attacker's main Job and equipping them with a Vanguard Sub-Job and the Sub-Job Speciality 2 to jack up the damage stat through the roof.

Gwydion will start healing when he reaches critical HP

Gwydion Healing

Gwydion has the ability White Wind. It'll start using it when his HP reaches critical levels so when its HP is about to get low, stock up on MP and BP to blast the dragon with your strongest attacks!

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