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How to Beat Hall of Tribulation I

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This is a guide to Hall of Tribulation I, a Trial battle in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II). Read on to know how to beat Hall of Tribulation I, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategy against Hall of Tribulation I.

Hall of Tribulation I Basic Info

Hall of Tribulation I Enemies

Lady Emma

Lady Emma Icon
Light Earth Wind Bow
Half Damage
No Immunities
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Stealables Small JP Orb

Sir Sloan

Sir Sloan Icon
No Weaknesses
Half Damage
Dark Light Dagger Sword
No Immunities
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Sword of Light
Stealables Small JP Orb
Lordly Robes


Lonsdale Icon
Dark Dagger
Half Damage
No Immunities
Items Dropped Spear of Judgement
Shield of Clemency
Stealables Small JP Orb

How to Beat Hall of Tribulation I

Hall of Tribulation I Recommended Jobs, Abilities, and Equipment

Recommended Jobs

Best Jobs
Shieldmaster Icon Shieldmaster White Mage Icon White Mage Oracle Icon Oracle Swordmaster Icon Swordmaster
Best Sub-Jobs
Hellblade Icon Hellblade Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster Bravebearer Icon Bravebearer Vanguard Icon Vanguard

Recommended Character Abilities

Shield Master/Hellblade
No Guts, No Glory
Auto Guard
Sub-Job Speciality 1
BP Limit Up
Dual Shields
White Mage/Spiritmaster
MP Saver
Sub-Job BP Saver
MP Regen
Noble Sacrifice
Noble Sacrifice
MP Regen
MP Saver
Dual Wield
Critical Amp
Fast Hands
MP Saver
Critical Flow

List of Abilities

Recommended Equipment

Recommedned Equipment
Icefire Shield Typhoon Shield Flame Talisman Ice Talisman
Thunder Talisman - - -

Hall of Tribulation I Key Movements

Augmented Microgravity (Sir Sloan) Damages all targets and removes all buffs
Wall of Woe (Sir Sloan) Reduces everyone's BP by 1 at regular intervals.
Double Rampart (Lonsdale) Blocks two physical attacks.
Reraise (Sir Sloan) Sir Sloan can come back to life after a few turns have passed. Make sure to eliminate Lady Emma and Lonsdale first!
Reflect Physical Damage (Lonsdale) Lonsdale can reflect all physical damage he has taken.
Magic Absoption (Lady Emma) Any type of magical damage will be absorbed by Lady Emma, even her weaknesses. Don't attack her using spells!

Hall of Tribulation I Strategy

Water, Fire and Lightning Resistance +2/3

At the start of the fight, your Shieldmaster should have enough resistances against Water, Fire, and Lightning!

The Icefire Shield and Typhoon Shield will easily solve this but once Lady Emma has fallen, switch up your shield and change it to a Light Elemental Shield like the Moonbeam Shield or a high defense shield to survive Lonsdale's attacks.

Elemental Supplement to Sir Sloan

Elemental Supplement
Like our previous battle with Sir Sloan, applying Elemental Supplement to him then adding an elemental resistance to that chosen element will negate/absorb all of his damage.

Set your allies to Critical HP!

critical HP Tribulation
This is done to trigger the Shieldmaster's “Protect Ally” Speciality and to complete nullify the majority of their damage.

Buffs do not Refresh!

If your Oracle's turn comes up and Sir Sloan's elemental supplement is still active, do not cast it again! Instead, use Hastega on yourself to get a faster turn to get a chance to re apply it again.

Auto-Life Suicide Strike

Damage Reflect Lonsdale
Since magic builds in Bravely Default 2's damage output is lower than physical builds, going for an Auto-Life suicide attack against Lonsdale is a preferable method of taking him down rather than trying to add a magic caster in your team.

Ultima Blade Cheese

Ultima Blade Cheese
If you're willing to cheese the battle, you can use a Job with high HP partnered with a Hellblade that has the HP/MP convertor to consume all your HP to deal max damage to a target.

his can take out Lonsdale and Sir Sloan in two hits and Lady Emma in one.

Counter Wall of Woe with Bravebringer

Brave bringer 3 BP
Wall of Woe is the move that will prevent your Oracle from applying Elemental Supplement to Sir Sloan.

By using the Spiritmaster's Bravebringer move, you'll be able to mitigate a portion of the damage that Wall of Woe does. This can potentially save your team from a disastrous attack from Sir Sloan.

Make sure to have Sub-Job BP Saver to lower its cost!

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9 Anonymousabout 1 year

you shouldn't paralyze anoyone in this battle. Both Londsdale and Sloan are immune to it

2 Anonymousabout 3 years

You wont have the bravebearer lvl cap+ until you beat this boss fight. You can use the lvl 11 skill, indiscriminate rage, to deal damage to all with a slightly slower attack speed


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