Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Unlocking Sub-Job Specialities

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Typically, only the Main Job's Specialities take effect when in combat. However, there are several ways where you can activate your Sub-Job's Specialities. Read on to learn how to unlock specialities for your sub-Job in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch.

Speciality Mechanics

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By equipping a Job as your main Job, you gain access to that Job's specialities which can be found in the Job Menu. The first specialty is available by default, while the other one is unlocked at Level 12. Typically, your character can only take advantage of their main Job's specialities, but there are different abilities and equipment that allow you to activate your sub-Job's specialities.

Abilities that Activate Sub-Job Specialities

Spiritmaster's Sub-Job Speciality 1

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The first ability that lets you access your sub-Job's specialities is the Spiritmaster's Level 8 passive ability - Sub-Job Speciality 1. As the name suggests, by equipping this ability, the first listed speciality for your sub-Job will be activated.
Spiritmaster Job Abilities

Bravebearer's Sub-Job Speciality 2

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Conversely, there is another ability that lets you access your sub-Job's specialities. That is the Bravebearer's Level 10 passive ability - Sub-Job Speciality 2. When equipped, the second listed speciality for your sub-Job will be activated.
Bravebearer Job Abilities

Equipment that Activate Sub-Job Specialities

Asterisk Weapons

Certain weapons can also give you the abilities of a Job. These Asterisk Weapons will let you tap into your sub-Job's specialities.

Equipment Description
Staff 025 Sunshine Staff.png Sunshine Staff A spiritmaster's rod whose design symbolises the mighty life-giving power of the sun.
Element: Light

Effect when Equipped: Spiritmaster Passive Abilities
Sword 024 Sword of Light.pngSword of Light This bravebearer's blade slices through the darkness, leaving blinding light in its wake.

Effect when Equipped: Bravebearer Passive Abilities

How to Get the Asterisk Weapons

Swordmaster's Double Duty

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Although not a specific equipment, the Swordmaster's second speciality allows you to take advantage of your sub-Job's specialities if you equip the same type of weapon in both hands.

Swordmaster Job Details

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