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Hydrangea Hills Dungeon Map and Treasure Chest Locations

This is the complete guide to the Hydrangea Hills, a dungeon in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. We have everything you need to know including treasure chest locations, a map of the area, which enemies appear, and more!

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Hydrangea Hills Dungeon Map

South Side North Side

Prologue Story Walkthrough

Treasure Chest Locations

Location and Description Loot
Normal Chest

After crossing the stone path at the entrance, head south.
Normal Chest

In a flower field as you follow the main path.
4x Magnifying Glass
Normal Chest

In an alcove to the east after crossing the second stone path.
410 pg
Normal Chest

Atop the incline to the west after crossing the second stone path.
Teleport Stone
Normal Chest

Found after crossing a fallen tree.
Star Pendant
Normal Chest

Atop a hill after crossing the third stone path.
Normal Chest

Found after crossing a fallen log above a river.
Wizard's Rod
Normal Chest

Hidden away between two raised platforms. Pass under the stone path connecting the two platforms.
3x Bomb Fragment
Normal Chest

Northeast of the savepoint.
Magnifying Glass
Normal Chest

At the northwestern-most point of the map in front of some trees.
2x Zeus's Wrath
Mimic Chest

Cross the stone path behind a tree that needs to be cut down first. Face against4 Lost Souls.
Oak Staff

All Chest Locations and Items

Monsters Found in the Hydrangea Hills

Quest Bosses

quest boss - how to beat enormocrag.pngEnormocrag Recommended Level: 10+
Weaknesses: Lightning Dagger

・ Poison is the most reliable way to damage it.
・Use the Freelancer's treat or items to heal your party members instead of White Magic.

List of Story Bosses

Normal Monsters

Enemy Basic Info
Fallen Forkling
Vulnerable Immune
Fire Staff
No Immunities
Half DMG Absorbs
No Resistances
No Damage Type Absorbed
Lost Souls
Vulnerable Immune
No Immunities
Half DMG Absorbs
Sahagin Shaman
Vulnerable Immune
Lightning Axe
No Immunities
Half DMG Absorbs
No Resistances
Vulnerable Immune
Water Staff Dagger
No Immunities
Half DMG Absorbs
No Resistances
No Damage Type Absorbed
Vulnerable Immune
Lightning Dagger
No Immunities
Half DMG Absorbs
No Damage Type Absorbed

List of All Enemies

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List of Maps

Overworld Maps
Near Halcyonia Near Savalon
Near Wiswald Near Rimedhal
Near Holograd Near Musa
Dungeon Maps
Outlaw's Hideout Hydrangea Hills
Vale of Sighs -
Chapter 1
Sandswept Ruins Underground Reservoir
Abandoned Mansion Bernard's Mansion
Savalon Dungeon -
Chapter 2
Wiswald Woods Sewers
Institute Treetop Tower
Secret Studio Wayward Woods
Miasma Woods -
Chapter 3
Serpent's Grotto Jaws of Judgement
Hall of High Holies Frosty Forest
Crystalcap Mountain -
Chapter 4
Holograd Army HQ Flying Fortress
Wrecked Institute -
Chapter 5
Waterfall Path Magma Mountain
Crystal's Resting Place Chromatite Mines
Chapter 6
Fount of Knowledge
Chapter 7
Isle of Nothingness


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