Freelancer Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs| Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Bravely Default II - Freelancer Job Abilities and Proficiencies

This is a guide to Freelancer a job class in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know all the details about the Freelancer Job including its abilities, specialties, stat modifiers, and weapon proficiencies!

Freelancer Overview

Freelancer Overview
・Freelancers make good healers.
・They can also use abilities white mages don't have access to in order to cure status ailments and restore MP.
・Their job-specific specialty allows them to survive lethal blows and live to fight another day.

Freelancer Overall Stats

HP MP Strength Defense
Bravely Default 2 HP Ratio Bravely Default 2 MP Ratio Bravely Default 2 Strength Ratio Bravely Default 2 Defense Ratio
Magic Magic Defense Healing Power Agility
Bravely Default 2 Magic Ratio Bravely Default 2 Magic Defense Ratio Bravely Default 2 Healing Power Bravely Default 2 Agility Ratio

How to Play the Freelancer

A Source of Utility Support Abilities

Divine Rod, Dungeon Master, and the valuable JP UP ability allows the Freelancer to be a great source of support abilities. Make sure to level it up as soon as possible but it not a suggested class to stick into.

Freelancer Ability List

Ability Type Cost Level Effect
Examine Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand - 1 Reveal an Enemy's HP, weaknesses and family.
Treat Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 20 MP 2 Restore 20% of a target's HP and 10% of their MP.
Divining Rod Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 3 Displays the number of unopened treasure chests on the area.
Forage Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand - 4 Search for items. The items found will depend on the user's job level.
Dungeon Master Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 5 Nullifies all terrain-inflicted damage.
Lucky Charm Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 15 MP 6 Increase a target's luck for five turns.
Self-Healing Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 7 Cure poison, blindness and silence when battle ends.
Purge Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 20 MP 8 Remove Berserk, confusion, dread, charm and doom from a target.
JP Up Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 9 JP earned is increased by a multiple of 1.2
Square One Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 28 MP 10 Remove various status effects from a target.
Body Blow Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 1 BP 11 Deals damage relative to the character's equipment weight
Jp Up and Up Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 2 Slot 12 Multiples JP obtained by 1.5
??? Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 13 Increase all allies' luck by 10% or 30% at night for 3 turns.
??? Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 14 Doubles the limit of buffs you obtain
??? Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand - 15 Copy the previous move used

The current ability list is a translation from our Japanese partners. Found any missing info? Leave a comment in the comment section below to aid our fellow warriors of light!

Best Abilities

checkmarkDivine Rod
checkmarkJp Up and JP Up and Up

Divine Rod

The Divine Rod is a graceful support ability that tells you the amount of chests left in the area. This skills is one of the best skills and will be a likely skill that you'll use for the whole game.

“JP Up” and “JP Up and Up”

Both skills combined gives you a whooping 1.7 JP multipler after the battle ends. A great support skill to have especially if you want to level up all of your jobs!


No need to buy all those tents, potions, and other stuff you want at the shop. Forage allows you to get all of these items during battles! The higher your level, the more items you can get so it complements with your needed grind to get those support abilities.

Freelancer Speciality and Special Ability


Specialities Effects
Stand Ground Roughly 50% chance of surviving with one HP when taking enough damage to be knocked out. This ability will not be triggered if the user has one HP.
Late Bloomer Boosts all stats based on the number of jobs mastered.

Speciality 2 Can only be learned after leveling the Freelancer to Level 12.

Special Abilitiy

Special Ability
All-Out Assault
Strike a single enemy with a powerful physical attack.
Bonus Effects
Physical Attack +20%
Magical Attack +20%
Use Attack Command 12 times.

Freelancer Weapon Proficiencies

Below are the weapons proficiencies for the Freelancer job. Refer to this section to know which weapons are best suited for the Freelancer job.

sword icon bravely default 2 Bravely Default 2 Dagger Icon Bravely Default 2 Ax Icon Bravely Default 2 Shield Icon
Bravely default 2 Spear Icon Bravely Default 2 Bow Icon Bravely Default 2 Staff Icon

How to Unlock the Freelancer Job

Freelancer is the starting class

The freelancer is the starting class in Bravely Default. In Bravely Default 1, it was a job that can gain stat bonuses per each mastered Job but it is currently unknown if the same ability is also in Bravely Default 2. Stay tuned for more info!

Best Sub-Jobs for Freelancer

No optimal sub Job

The Freelancer is a jack-of-all trade character. While all classes can be a good sub-job for the freelancer, none are also great for it. The Freelancer job is much more suited to being a sub-job for other classes to provide unique abilities for them.

Bravely Default 2 Job Guides

Jobs List

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List of Jobs

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Vanguard Icon.pngVanguard Thief Icon.pngThief Bard Icon.pngBard Beastmaster Icon.pngBeast Master
Gambler Icon.pngGambler Berserker Icon.pngBerserker Red Mage Icon.pngRed Mage Hunter Icon.pngRanger
Shield Master Icon.pngShield Master Pictomancer Icon.pngPictomancer Dragoon Icon.pngDragoon Sword Master Icon.pngSword Master
Spirit Master.pngSpirit Master Salve-Maker.pngSalve-Maker Oracle.pngOracle Bastion.pngBastion
Phantom.pngPhantom Arcanist.pngArcanist Hellblade.pngHellblade -

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