Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Beat Hall of Tribulation III

Hall of Tribulation III location
This is a guide to Hall of Tribulation III, a Hall of Tribulation III battle in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II). Read on to know how to beat Hall of Tribulation III, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategy against Hall of Tribulation III.

Hall of Tribulation III Basic Info

Hall of Tribulation III Enemies


Glenn Icon
Lightning Spear
Half Damage
Light Earth Axe
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Foraging Shovel
Stealables Small JP Orb
Hypnos Crown


Gladys Icon
Earth Bow
Half Damage
Lightning Fire Dagger Sword
No Immunities
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Executioner's Blade
Stealables Small JP Orb


Galahad Icon
Light Staff
Half Damage
No Damage Type Absorbed
Items Dropped Giant JP Orb
Portcullis Hammer
Stealables Small JP Orb
Diamond Chestplate

How to Beat Hall of Tribulation III

Hall of Tribulation III Recommended Jobs, Abilities, and Equipment

Recommended Jobs

Best Jobs
Vanguard Icon Vanguard White Mage Icon White Mage Bard Icon Bard Phantom Icon Phantom
Best Sub-Jobs
Any Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster Pictomancer Icon Pictomancer Salve-Maker Icon Salve-Maker

Recommended Abilities and Items

Best Abilities/Items
Godspeed Strike

List of Abilities

Hall of Tribulation III Movesets


Multimix Elixir Uses an item 5 times at the target at different intervals.
Philtre Charms a target.
Pure Contagion Agent Damages the party and inflicts Contagion.


Three Steps Ahead Inflicts a strong counter attack to the attacker after attacking the defended ally.
Solid Right Style Attack a target and delay their turn. Only usable in Solid Stance.
Fourfold Flurry Attacks a target four times.


Blinding Flash Inflicts blind on all targets.
Weighty Blow Deals high damage to the target.
Personal Protection Defends llies from attacks.
Harsh Reprisal Reflects attacks back to the attacker.

Hall of Tribulation III Strategy

Paralysis Method


With the Phantom + Salve-Maker Combo, you can paralyze lock everyone which makes the battle extremely easy.

Even if you don't opt to use Paralysis on everyone, we still highly suggest using it against Galahad to stop it from protecting his allies.

Counter Savvy

Gladys will use Three Steps ahead on her allies to inflict a strong counter attack to those who would target them. Equip the Counter-Savvy ability to complete dodge all of her attacks.

Utilize Godspeed Strike's after damage

The Shieldmaster's passive ability will defend allies that are low in HP. This might makes landing the finishing blow to Glenn a tad-bit difficult.

To get through this, we suggest using the Godspeed Strike 4 times against Glenn at the start of the fight to quickly put him out of the picture.

Defeat Glenn on the First Turn

Eliminate Glenn First

If you don't opt to the paralysis method, taking Glenn out on the first turn is crucial. He can use his Pure Contagion Agent multiple times which can easily spell a teamwipe. He also heals the others which can further increase the difficulty of the battle.

However, when his HP falls to critical, Galahad will start blocking attacks directed at him. To prevent this, use the Godspeed Strike's after damage to land the killing blow on Glenn.

Charm Gladys

Galahad's Harsh Reprisal is annoying and it can easily kill pure offense builds like the Vanguards.

To get some extra damage in, try to charm Gladys so you'll have one less enemy attack to think off while Gladys slowly chips away at Galahad's HP while taking counter damage of her own.

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1 Anonymousabout 2 years

One tip, don't leave Glen last, he can full revive his intire party


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