Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Unlock the True Ending | Chapter 7 Story Walkthrough and Boss Guides

Chapter 7 Story Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for 7 of Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know all the objectives for this chapter, all the boss fights and strategies against them, all the side quests and missions, and all the necessary tips to get through this chapter.

Bravely Default 2 Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Main Objectives for True Ending

1 Talk to the boat owner. (Any location)
2 Once you talk to her, choose the "Go overseas" option and select the Isle of Nothingness.
3 The overseas path that could not be accessed will now become available to progress.
4 Choose Let's Go.
→ Head towards another battle with the Night's Nexus
5 Battle the Night's Nexus
6 Choose the command "Remember" for all 3 of your teammates and regain their memories.
7 The main character will use Brave several times.
8 How to Beat the NightDefeat the Night's Nexus
9 End the game.
10 Choose Continue on the main menu to complete the ending.

Things to do after the True Ending

! New Game+ will be unlocked
! ・Challenge the Secret Boss after completing every Hall of Tribulation

Hall of Tribulations Portal Locations

Chapter 7 Bosses

Night's Nexus First Phase Walkthrough

How to Beat the Night

The Night's Nexus is the biggest baddie of the whole game. It's capable of many attacks that can disrupt your team like inflicting status ailments and reducing your MP pool. It's also protected by two hands that will respawn after death so keeping your damage high is vital for this fight.

Night's Nexus Second Phase


To further increase the battle's difficulty, the Night Nexus has a way stronger phase 2. It has more lethal moves that can inflict all debuffs and even deplete your own MP Pool! Learn how to beat the Night's Nexus with our guide down below!

How to Beat The Night's Nexus

Beast Boss # 66|Hall of Tribulation Secret Boss

How to unlock: Clear all portals for the Halls of Tribulation
Where to find: Graveyard of Rimedhal

How to Beat Gwydion.jpg

Gwydion, the dragon that Adam fells in Chapter 3, is the game's super boss. Sporting a massive half a million HP and attacks that can easily kill any party members with ease, Gwydion will not be an easy battle. Make sure to prepare accordingly!

How to Beat Gwydion

Chapter 7 Tips

CheckmarkAfter unlocking the Halls of Tribulation|Clear the bosses to unlock higher levels for each Job

CheckmarkObtain strong gear from Halls of Tribulation Portals

CheckmarkObtain JP and EXP at a high rate using the hidden Job

CheckmarkHead to the Island of Nothingness

Opening the Hall of Tribulation|Unlock Higher Job Levels by Clearing Portals

Bravely Default 2 - Hall of Tribulation Portal

Once you enter Chapter 6, your Freelancer will have its higher Job levels unlocked.

For your remaining Jobs, you need to clear out the bosses found at each portal in order to unlock the upper levels.

How to Unlock the Max Job Level

Chapter 7 Maps

Chapter 7
Isle of Nothingness -

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