Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Beat Jormungandr

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This is a guide to Jormungandr, a Rare Boss battle in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II). Read on to know how to beat Jormungandr, its strengths and weaknesses, and the best strategy against Jormungandr.

Jormungandr Basic Info

Jormungandr Strengths, and Weaknesses, and Obtainable Items

Half Damage
No Resistances
Dark Water
Items Dropped Earth Mallet
Monstrous Medley
Stealables Earth Mallet
Monstrous Medley

How to Beat Jormungandr

Jormungandr Recommended Party Setup

Party Job Setup

All the Jobs listed below should be mastered! Also, you should have a decent amount of mastered Jobs for your Freelancer and a lot of monsters captured for your Beastmaster.

Character Main Job Sub-Job
1 Freelancer Icon Freelancer Bastion Icon Bastion
2 Salve-Maker Icon Salve-Maker Oracle Icon Oracle
3 Beastmaster Icon Beastmaster Thief Icon Thief
4 White Mage Icon White Mage Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster

Recommended Support Abilities

Character 1
Auto Guard
Fast Hands
Dual Shields
Better than Ever
Character 2
Thrust and Parry
MP Saver
MP Regen
Noble Sacrifice
Character 3
Raw Power
Dual Wield
Critical Amp
Who Dares Wins
Character 4
MP Regen
MP Saver
Noble Sacrifice
Sub-Job Speciality 1

Recommended Equipment

Best Equipment
Wind Talisman Earth Talisman Typhoon Shield Gaia Shield
Shako Strong Spear Weapons Ninja Garb Other Armour that provides decent defense.

Jormungandr Movesets

Gaiaquake Inflicts massive physical earth damage and removes your resistance to the earth element as well as inflicting Dread.
Sandstorm Inflicts earth damage to all targets with a chance to inflict blind.
Spew Bile Inflicts massive damage to a single target and lowers their physical defense.
Poison Breath Inflicts physical damage and a chance to inflict poison.

Jormungandr Strategy

Jormungandr is a quest boss that you'll encounter early in Chapter 4. Normally, this isn't going to be a quest you can complete at this point (seemingly obvious with the extremely high quest difficulty compared to the other quests).

For this guide, we have completed Chapter 4 first before attempting to best the mighty worm.

Preparation for Jormungandr

To even have a chance against Jormungandr, you should be able to do the following.

  • Be able to move at least once before dying.
  • Have strong resistance to Wind and Earth.
  • Have an attacker that can kill one Shadow Moth in one turn.
  • Attacker has at least 300 accuracy.

If you're not grinding and are just playing the main storyline, the 1st condition is unlikely to happen if you attempt to fight the beast.

To avoid this, we suggest being at least level 50 at the minimum before fighting Jormungandr. Wind and Earth Resistances also cannot be neglected so just having talismans to ward off these damages will not be enough.

Eliminate the Moths

Jormungandr Shadow  Moths

At the start of the fight, don't hesitate to Brave and use Godspeed Strike to quickly eliminate one moth. Your immediate goal is to reduce the enemy number.

With your Beastmaster having the Spearhead support ability, they should act first and be able to eliminate one moth. Your focus then is to survive the enemy attacks while your Beastmaster recovers in order to repeat the move against all other enemies.

To survive the enemy assault, your Freelancer should be spamming Rampart while your White Mage spams Curaga.

Your Salve-Maker should be focused on reviving allies or using Hastega on your White Mage to keep the healing up.

Fighting Jormungandr

Jormungandr Poison Breath

Jormungandr's attacks hit very hard. Its Spew Bile can one-shot a non-tank character while its area attacks are nasty enough to kill wounded party members. Together with its insane turn rate, Jormungandr can quickly eliminate a whole team just with breath attacks.

Luckily, Jormungandr's attacks are all physical attacks. Use the Freelancer's Rampart to lessen the number of attacks you take while recovering your Beastmaster's MP or the Beastmaster uses Godspeed Strike to slowly whittle down the beast.

Sanctuary Bastion

Bastion/Freelancer's Sanctuary. A grace period to apply buffs to your party.

Also, since the smaller nuisances are gone, make your White Mage use Reraise on all your party members to avoid accidental deaths as well as Spiritbringer to support your Beastmaster's MP consumption.

Beware, Jormungandr counters buffs so using the Freelancer's Sanctuary move is ideal before using buffs since all damage and healing are negated while the zone is active.

Surviving Gaiaquake


Gaiaquake is Jormungandr's deadliest move. The original way to counter it is to use earth-resistant gear but its secondary effect will completely nullify it. Jormungandr sometimes throws this move out of nowhere which adds to the difficulty of the fight.

There are a handful of reliable ways to survive this move. When you see Jormungandr load up 2 - 3 BP, this is a good indicator that it will brave and unleash a combo that ends in a Gaiaquake. Below are some of the steps you can take to survive this combo.

  • Use your Freelancer's Sanctuary to negate the damage it will deal. This is the primary reason that you don't use the Bastion as the main class as the Bastion's speed is terrible. Make sure to always have some extra BP on your Freelancer so he won't have a dead turn by having a negative BP.
  • Use Rampart every turn. This is done to negate some damage as well as survive random Gaiaquakes. Try to strike a balance of using Rampart and saving BP for Sanctuary.
  • Use the Oracle's Elemental Ward to overwrite the previous Gaiaquake's debuff. This method is difficult since the Oracle can only use this buff on one target and it only lasts three turns. Only use this if one party member has the earth resist down debuff.
  • Take the hit and resurrect yourself via Reraise. This is why setting up a Reraise when you can is ideal as Jormungandr's fast turn rate can often put you in dangerous spots. The Reraise buff is your safety net and it grants you a 2nd life in case you make a mistake.
  • Immobilize the Jormungandr by Compounding items. With the Salve-Maker's Status-Conscious passive, it should be easy to inflict status ailments on the giant worm. Be careful as these ailments don't last forever and they may miss so don't rely on it too much!

Strategy Summary

Jormungandr Victory

  • Freelancer - Use Rampart every turn. Once Jormungandr starts using Gaiaquake, bank turns and always be ready with Sanctuary to dodge its attacks.
  • White Mage - Heals every turn. Apply Reraise and Spiritbringer when Jormungandr starts using Gaiaquake.
  • Salve-Maker - Applies Haste to allies and uses status ailments when they gets some free turns. Salve-Maker can also aid the Beastmaster with Ether usage.
  • Beastmaster - Keep on using Godspeed Strike on minions to kill them and then on Jormungandr to slowly chip away at its health. Use Ether when MP starts getting low.

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3 Jimmerabout 2 years

If you have been mastering jobs go every player swordmaster and at level 12 you unlock the 2nd speciality double duty. Setting your job to freelancer and equipping another sword will boost your stats incredibly high. For attacks I used the item staggering sword X4 on enemies one at a time healing as needed. When I got down to Jormungandr only his attack was so delayed he couldn't even manage an attack.

2 Anonymousabout 3 years

Spiritmaster is the better healer that uses Reraise and healthbringers not white mage but keep white mage as an option as well. You can also take advantage of the Hellblades self healing and abilities for after damage effects


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