Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Best Job Combos

Best Job Combos

Learn all the best Job Combos in Bravely Default 2 (Braveley Default II)! Here we list all the possible combinations you can make with all the Jobs available in the game and the best abilities to equip to them.

Best Job Combinations

Below are all the best combinations for the original levels. Since the Brave Bearer Job is only during the late stages of the game, we will not be adding it to this list. For the best end-game Job combinations, refer to our second list below! Or if you wish to learn the best Job party combos for each chapter, refer to our best Job combos for each chapter!

Best Party Build for Each Story Chapter

Job Combo Directory
Phantom and Salve Maker Phantom and Ranger Oracle and Arcanist Arcanist and Bastion
Gambler and Bastion Shield Master With Arcanist Shield Master and Hellblade White Mage and Spirit Master
Red Mage and Oracle Berserker and Dragoon Swordmaster and Vanguard Monk and Hellblade
Berserker and Gambler Vanguard and Hellblade Dragoon and Thief -

Phantom and Salve Maker

Main Job Sub Job
Phantom Icon Phantom Salve-Maker Icon Salve-Maker
Choose your Ailment

Compound and Inflict Ailments to Enemies!

With the Phantom's 2nd Speciality, all ailments gets a 100% chance of getting inflicted to enemies. This comes with a measly cost of 40 MP but being able to paralyze the strongest bosses makes that 40 MP spent extremely worth it. It can also be a guaranteed way to poison or inflict contagion on them which combos with the Phantom's Milk Poison and Sick Twist.

Phantom and Ranger

Main Job Sub Job
Phantom Icon Phantom Ranger Icon Ranger
Paralysis Lock

Infinite Paralysis

Similar to the Phantom-Salve Maker combo, this Job's aim is to continiously inflict an ailment to the enemy. Most end-game bosses are vulnerable to paralysis which makes the Ranger one of the best Sub-Job for the Phantom to guarantee your paralysis' effect.

Oracle and Arcanist

Main Job Sub Job
Oracle Icon Oracle Arcanist Icon Arcanist
Spell Damage Amplified Using Arcanist's Magic Stat

Give Me Your Magic Stat

The Oracle can copy its sub-Job's stat using its 2nd Speciality. This is a flat damage stat boost for the Oracle by taking the Arcanist's magic stat then amplifying Triplara's damage. This setup also allows you to use AOE Darkga without hitting yourself in the process (but it will deal less damage due to not getting access to the Arcanist's speciality 1).

Arcanist and Bastion

Main Job Sub Job
Arcanist Icon Arcanist Bastion Icon Bastion
Gives the option to prevent ally damage.

Eco-Friendly Arcanist

The Arcanist's high magic stat makes it one of the strongest spell slinger in the game. Unfortunately, it can also hit allies with its attacks which makes it an unideal character to include in a normal party. With a Bastion as its Sub-Job, you'll be able to prevent friendly fire using Vallation!

Gambler and Bastion

Main Job Sub Job
Gambler Icon Gambler Bastion Icon Bastion
Sanctuary Prevents Dealer's Choice self harm

Gamble Responsibly

The Gambler's level 12 ability “Dealer's Choice” is a move that can cause random effects. It can even raise your PG, EXP, and JP after the battle but it can also cause your gambler to instantly die or cause your whole party's HP to be reduced to 1. With Sanctuary, all of these damages will be negated so you can safely try to gamble for those extra EXP and JP!

Shield Master With Arcanist

Main Job Other Character's Main Job
Arcanist Icon Arcanist Shieldmaster Icon Shieldmaster
Shield master's Protect Ally blocks Arcanist self attacks

Hit them not us!

The Shield Master's ability to protect allies isn't just for single target attacks but also for group target moves! If your allies are in Critical HP, the Shield Master will block all the spells that gets fired towards the team as well.

Shield Master and Hellblade

Main Job Sub-Job
Shieldmaster Icon Shieldmaster Hellblade Icon Hellblade
Regenerating Tank
Requires Sub-Job Speciality 1 Support ability

Undying Tank Damage Dealer

The Shield Master's super tanky nature is further amplified by the Hellblade's passive HP and MP Regeneration. This makes the Shield Master unkillable. This also gives the Shield master the ability to damage enemies via Minus Strike and Ultima Blade (with HP/MP Converter ability).

White Mage and Spirit Master

Main Job Sub-Job
White Mage Icon White Mage Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster
Holistic Medicine and Reraise Abuse

Immortal Army

Perhaps, the best healer combo in the game, the White Mage and Spirit master combo allows your White Mage to AOE cast Reraise on all your party members. This is a crucial combo for many boss fights that can save your team from the brink of defeat. Just don't use Purebringer to remove your Reraise and Regeneration buffs!

Red Mage and Oracle

Main Job Sub-Job
Shieldmaster Icon Shieldmaster Hellblade Icon Hellblade
Triplara and Chain Spell can dish out massive damage.

Gatling Spell Slinger

The Oracle's main damage ability is its Triple/Triplara spell. With the Red Mage's Chain Spell, you'll be able to use Triple/ra twice in a single use which allows you to potentially hit an enemy 6 times in a single turn. With the Brave command, you can hit the enemy for a potential 24 times in a single turn (assuming all Triplara spells hits three times).

Berserker and Dragoon

Main Job Sub-Job
Berserker Icon Berserker Dragoon Icon Dragoon
Comeback Kid andVent Fury is a free restoration ability

Infinite Rage

This playstyle involves giving your Berserker the Dragoon's Comeback Kid support ability. With this ability, your Berserker will be able to refill his/her HP and MP after a few turns have passed. With the Berserker's Rage and Reason, this will give you the ability to hit enemies hard using the Berserker's strongest ability while replenishing your HP and MP again.

Swordmaster and Vanguard

Main Job Sub-Job
Swordmaster Icon Swordmaster Vanguard Icon Vanguard
999 Physical Attack Build
Dual Wield Amplifies this build's damage.

It's Over 9000!

The Sword Master's speciality 2 “Double Duty” will allow your Sword Master to use the Vanguard's “Attention Seeker” Speciality that gives your character a massive damage boost equivalent to your target chance. Together with the Swordmaster's Divide attention ability, you can easily reach max attack as soon as you reach Level 12 on the Sword Master and have a tank with high target chance on your team!

Monk and Hellblade

Main Job Sub-Job
Monk Icon Monk Hellblade Icon Hellblade
Minus Strike abuse.
Sub-Job BP Saver and Sub-Job Speciality 1 amplifies this build

Minus Strike Abuse

The Monk's high HP coupled by the Hellblade's passive Regeneration and Minus Strike makes this Job combo extremely strong. The higher the character's HP, the higher the damage potential of Minus Strike is, couple this with the Monk's high HP cost abilities, you'll be able to easily reach critical state in a few moves compared to the Hellblade's flat 25% HP Cost abilities. Not to mention that you get unlimited Inner Alchemy and Invigorate thanks to the Hellblade's MP regeneration.

Another combo this build can abuse is the firebird and Ruby Blades combo to deal massive fire damage to the enemy by lowering their resistance to flames.

Berserker and Gambler

Main Job Sub-Job
Berserker Icon Berserker Gambler Icon Gambler
Highroller and Vent Fury and Free-for-All is a free massive damage move.
Sub-Job BP Saver and Sub-Job Speciality 1 amplifies this build

Mad Gambler

While this is not the most efficient Job combo, it is definitely a fun one. The Gambler's High Roller move is a 10,000 PG cost move that can deal massive damage to the enemy the stronger your physical attack is. Thanks to Berserk and the Berserker's high damage stat plus Free-for-All's free ability costs, you can easily dish out thousands of damage with this combo for free. However, This won't work with Rage and Reason and your Flash the Cash will not deal damage due to being free.

Vanguard and Hellblade

Main Job Sub-Job
Vanguard Icon Vanguard Hellblade Icon Hellblade
High Elemental damage!
Sub-Job BP Saver and Sub-Job Speciality 1 amplifies this build

Elemental Blade Combo

Thanks to the Vanguard's high damage stat via “Attention Seeker”, the Hellblade's elemental blades will deal a ton of damage. Just make sure to have Sub-Job Speciality 1 to replenish your HP!

Dragoon and Thief

Main Job Sub-Job
Dragoon Icon Dragoon Thief Icon Thief
God Speed Strike Amplification
Fast Hands support ability amplifies this build's damage.

Dual Wielded God Speed Strike

The Dragoon is one of the classes that possess high speed stat along with Thief, Phantom, and the last hidden class. With the Dragoon's ability to dual wield equipment without the Phantom's support ability, you'll be able to hit like a truck pretty early in the game. Not to mention that Spirit Surge is a better HP/MP absorption tool.

Best Job Combinations (Post Game)

These Job Combinations are a list for the last section of the game. All abilities are included and the hidden class Bravebearer will also be considered in the Job combinations.

Post Game Job Combo Directory
Hellblade and Red Mage Oracle and Bravebearer Sword Master and Vanguard Sword Master and Spirit Master
Phantom and Beastmaster Freelancer and Gambler Berserker and Monk

Hellblade and Red Mage

Main Job Sub-Job
Any Job with High HP Hellblade Icon Hellblade
Vallation and AOE Spell and Drain
Red Mage's HP/MP Converter is needed.

Ultima Blade Abuse

Ultima Blade Cheese.jpg
The HP/MP Converter will turn all MP costs into HP and vice versa, with the Ultima Blade's damage being reliant on the spent resource, you'll be able to spend more resources than the maximum MP allows. This combo can easily deal 99,999 damage at the expense of the character's life.

Oracle and Bravebearer

Main Job Sub-Job
Oracle Icon Oracle Bravebearer Icon Bravebearer
High Base stat and ability to use Elemental Supplement on all enemies.
Across the Board is needed for this Job combo.

Add elemental damage to their attacks!

Elemental Supplement is a move that's normally used on your physical attackers to exploit enemy elemental vulnerabilities. However, you can also use this on enemies to make them hit you with the respective element instead. By having 2/3 resistant to the element you used, you'll be able to absorb all the attacks they do! With Across the Board, you'll now be able to use this against groups of enemies which can make many battles trivial.

Sword Master and Vanguard

Main Job Sub-Job
Swordmaster Icon Swordmaster Vanguard Icon Vanguard
Ninefold Heavy Strikes

It's Over 999!

Similar to the previous Sword Master and Vanguard combo except this time, the Sword Master gains access to Ninefold Flurry. It's similar to fourfold flurry but this time, it hits 9 times and with high physical attack, you'll be able to dish out massive damage in a few turns.

Sword Master and Spirit Master

Main Job Sub-Job
Swordmaster Icon Swordmaster Spiritmaster Icon Spiritmaster
Ninefold Heavy Strikes

The Shaman King

This combo again, relies on the Sword Master's ability to use its Sub-Job's speciality. With the Spirit Master's permanent 5 spirits, your party will never run out of anything. Infinite healing, infinite MP, infinite status ailment cure, infinite buff and debuff cure, and infinite ressurection. All for free and you still retain a strong physical attacker.

Phantom and Beastmaster

Main Job Sub-Job
Phantom Icon Phantom Beastmaster Icon Beastmaster
Muzzled Maelstrom!

Muzzle then Maelstrom!

The Phantom's guaranteed hit together with the Beastmaster's Muzzle and Muzzling Maelstrom combo is a strong 4 hit strike. Use this against lone enemies to deal strong damage!

Freelancer and Gambler

Main Job Sub-Job
Freelancer Icon Freelancer Gambler Icon Gambler
Mimic and Highroller combo

Gambling hard for free!

The Freelancer's ability to use Mimic can allow you to use Highroller for free. A fun combo similar to the Berserker and Gambler combo but it is way more reliable and stronger the more Jobs you master.

Berserker and Monk

Main Job Sub-Job
Berserker Icon Berserker Monk Icon Monk
Phoenix Flight and Death's Door combo is strong
Sub-Job BP Saver, Maximise HP, and Comeback Kid makes this combo stronger

Call an ambulance, But not for me!

The Monk's Phoenix Flight partnered by the Berserker's Death's Door is a strong 2 Hit combo that will instantly consume all your HP then deal massive damage to the enemies. With Vent Fury and Comeback Kid, you'll also be able to replenish all resources spent then use it all again!

Bravely Default 2 Job List and Guides

Jobs List

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List of Jobs

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Vanguard Icon.pngVanguard Thief Icon.pngThief Bard Icon.pngBard Beastmaster Icon.pngBeast Master
Gambler Icon.pngGambler Berserker Icon.pngBerserker Red Mage Icon.pngRed Mage Hunter Icon.pngRanger
Shieldmaster Icon.pngShieldmaster Pictomancer Icon.pngPictomancer Dragoon Icon.pngDragoon Swordmaster Icon.pngSwordmaster
Spiritmaster.pngSpiritmaster Salve-Maker.pngSalve-Maker Oracle.pngOracle Bastion.pngBastion
Phantom.pngPhantom Arcanist.pngArcanist Hellblade.pngHellblade Hellblade.pngBravebearer

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4 Anonymousalmost 2 years

If you don't like swordmaster just level up the bravebearer job until you get sub-job specialty 2

3 Anonymousalmost 2 years

Try to main swordmaster and beastmaster sub-job. Bump up the beast master and use the swordmaster Double Duty to get the buff from all the monsters caught. Having dual wield will have dual wield equipped to bump up the damage.


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