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Gloria Character Guide

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Here is the character guide for Gloria in Bravely Default 2. Learn everything you need to know about this character including their backstory, personality, and skills!

Gloria Basic Information

Princess of the lost kingdom of Musa. Having escaped her homeland's destruction, she set out on a quest to restore the Crystals to their rightful place.

Skills and Abilities

Gloria Princess of Musa.png
Gloria joins the party soon after her rescue from being hostaged by Selene and Dag. As a playable character, she is free to switch to any of the other Jobs that the player sees fit.

Gloria White Mage Vignette.png
Soon after defeating the pair of mercenaries, we see a vignette featuring Gloria with the White Mage Asterisk.

List of All New and Returning Job Classes

Gloria Profile and Backstory


Rescuing Seth

Gloria Rescuing Seth.png
The story starts with Gloria finding an unconscious Seth on the shore of a beach near Halcyonia. It seems that a light from her crystal guided her to him. She, together with her companion, Sir Sloan, decided to help by taking Seth to the nearby city to recover.

Giving Up the Wind Crystal

Gloria Giving Up the Wind Crystal.png
Two ruffians by the names of Dag and Selene show up to threaten Gloria to hand over her Wind Crystal. Although they resist at first, the mercenaries take a child hostage to twist Gloria's arm further. Not wanting any harm come to the child, Gloria offers that she be taken hostage instead while Sir Sloan retrieves the Wind Crystal.

Favor Returned

Gloria Favor Returned.png
Armed with a plan to save Gloria, Sir Sloan, Seth, Elvis, and Adelle rescue Gloria from under her captors noses. They were unable to flee so easily though. By defeating Selene and Dag, they uncovered 2 Asterisks in the process.

Onwards to Savalon

Gloria Onwards to Savalon.png
After hearing news that the desert Kingdom of Savalon suddenly had its capital submerged in water, Sir Sloan suspects that this unusual circumstance was caused by a Crystal. The group decide to head there next to investigate.

Chapter 1

Reunion with Orpheus

Gloria Reunion with Orpheus.png

After arriving in Savalon, the group roam the capital to investigate when they spot a minstrel singing away a crowd gathered in front of the gaming hall. Gloria recognizes this man to be Orpheus.

Formerly Musa's court minstrel, Orpheus was banished from Musa after he was found to be embezzling the royal family's funds. Orpheus makes his exit after this encounter. Gloria and the team decide to head to the palace for more information.

Do Not Insult My Comrades

Gloria Do Not Insult My Comrades.png
Gloria speaks with Prince Castor to come up with a way to investigate the whereabouts of the Water Crystal. After Prince Castor suggests seeking the aid of Savalon's Council of Elders, Seth expresses his joy for this lead. However, Prince Castor shows his disdain for commoners as he attempts to silence Seth from speaking among nobility. Gloria defends Seth and warns Prince Castor to exercise decorum.

Investigating the Gaming Hall

Gloria Investigating the Gaming Hall.png

Prince Castor was able to set up a meeting with two of the Elders from the council, Bernard and Lady Cygnus. Bernard claims responsibility for the flooding as an accident from his men's excavations.

Prince Castor casts his doubts onto Bernard by questioning how Bernard's gaming hall was not affected by the flood, despite the large quantity of water his establishment uses. Gloria suggests they investigate the gaming hall for any signs of deceit.

Bernard's Challenge

Gloria Bernards Challenge.png

Gloria and company arrive at the gaming hall and Bernard comes over to greet them. Prince Castor explains that he is giving our heroes a tour of Savalon, and Bernard introduces one of his establishment's performers, Anihal. Gloria shares that they're still looking for the Water Crystal, but Bernard seems to think that she won't find it in Savalon. Gloria insists on following her instinct and continuing with the investigation.

Defeating Orpheus

Gloria Defeating Orpheus.png

As Gloria and the team follow Orpheus deeper into the Sandswept Ruins, Orpheus reveals that he had prepared a trap and plotted to get his revenge on Gloria for getting kicked out of Musa. However, he fails and loses his Asterisk to the team.

Scared of further harm, Orpheus admits that Bernard has been keeping the Crystal all along and that it was his misuse of the Crystal that caused the flood, and not excavations. He scampers away to make his escape while the team refocuses their attention on getting to Bernard.

We're Looking for Something

Gloria Were Looking for Something.png
To get more information on the Water Crystal's thief, the team decide to look for Anihal, the young girl that often accompanies Bernard. Anihal invites the team to her house where she might share more about what she knows.

Failure to Cooperate

Gloria Bernard Will Send Me Away.png
Gloria and the team confirm that Anihal does know something about the Water Crystal's wherabouts, however she's concerned that if she breaks Bernard's trust, she'll be disposed of. She asks the team to leave.

Searching the Waterways

Gloria Savalon in Danger.png
The team's investigation brings them to the waterways that Bernard claims as the source of the flooding. As they explore, Anihal appears trying to stop the team. She pleads for the team to stay away as she doesn't wish any harm to come upon the team, but Gloria insists. Gloria explains that discovering the Water Crystal is necessary to avoid danger that would befall the rest of the world.

Discovering the Water Crystal

Gloria Discovering the Water Crystal.png
After Anihal is convinced that finding the Water Crystal will be helpful to the greater good, she reveals that Bernard has hidden the crystal in his mansion. Gloria and the team sneak in to Bernard's Mansion to find it, however as soon as they find the crystal, Bernard appears and confronts the team. Bernard poses to apprehend the team claiming that he will not allow anyone to steal from him what he has worked hard to steal from others. Gloria grows increasingly impatient, until....

The Water Crystal's Blessing

Gloria The Blessing of the Water Crystal.png
The Water Crystal speaks to Gloria, recognizing her as the last of the line of Musa. Before the Crystal even finishes to offer its' blessing, Gloria steps up to claim her responsibility. Her strong sense of duty impresses the Crystal, and as such the Crystal grants its blessing onto Gloria. She urges Gloria to fulfull her destiny despite her grandfather's failure to do so.

Showdown with Bernard

Showdown with Bernard.png
Armed with the Water Crystal's blessing, Gloria and the rest of the team turn the tables on Bernard's ambush. The two sides do battle until our heroes end up taking the thief down.

Prince Castor Appears

The Princes Scheme.png
Despite losing against the team, Bernard doesn't seem to show a single sign of remorse. The prince soon appears and it is revealed that he has been in cahoots with Bernard all along.

The Twisted Prince

Gloria The Twisted Kings Wishes.png
However, the prince takes this opportunity to slay Bernard and pin his death onto Gloria and the rest of the team. It is revealed that his true motives are to take the Crystal's power for himself. He sends the team away to be imprisoned as he claims possession of the Water Crystal.

Imprisoned Royalty

Imprisoned Royalty.png
Sitting in the dungeons of Savalon, the team try to brainstorm how they might escape. But from another cell, a man's voice calls out Gloria's name. It is revealed that Prince Pollux, Prince Castor's brother, had been detained and imprisoned for trying to stop Castor's malevolent ambitions. Prince Pollux explains that Castor's behaviour had become malicious upon receipt of an Asterisk from a mysterious traveller.

Anihal's Rescue

Anihals Rescue.png
Castor soon appears explaining that he feels that it is his duty as protector of his realm to provide for Savalon. Shortly after Castor leaves the dungeons, Anihal appears to set the team and Prince Pollux free. Prince Pollux asks the team to confront Castor and to help his kingdom.

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