Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Job Tier List

Job Tier List
This is Game8's Job tier list for Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to see our complete tier list and which Jobs are best!

Bravely Default 2 Job Tier List

This tier list is based on our opinions of which Jobs are best within Bravely Default and not a fact. We will offer explanations on why certain Jobs are ranked a certain way. There are potential spoilers down below so if you are new to the game, proceed with caution.

Tier Jobs
Bravely Default 2 S Icon.png
Beastmaster Phantom Swordmaster
Bravely Default 2 A Icon.png
Vanguard Freelancer Shieldmaster Oracle
Bravely Default 2 B ICon.png
Thief White Mage Spiritmaster Salve-Maker Red Mage Bravebearer
Bravely Default 2 C Icon.png
Hellblade Bastion Bard Dragoon
Bravely Default 2 D Icon.png
Berserker Arcanist Monk
Bravely Default 2 E ICon.png
Pictomancer Ranger Gambler Black Mage

Job Tier List Explanations

Tier Jobs Directory
S Tier A Tier
B Tier C Tier
D Tier E Tier

S Tier Jobs


Beast Master info and introduction.jpg

To expand on the Beastmaster's capability, you'll need to look at the Beastmaster's 2nd speciality, Creature Comforts. The Beastmaster is a seemingly good class with the ability to use a plethora of moves, but with the addition of Creature Comforts, the Beastmaster gains a massive amount of stats relative to the amount of monsters you have captured. Even with a low level character, as long as you have captured a lot of monsters, you can easily become the most overpowered character in the game.
Beastmaster Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Phantom Job.jpg
The Phantom takes on a whole new level of different brokeness compared to the Beastmaster. While the Beastmaster turns your characters into unstoppable killing machines, the Phantom turns enemies into living punching bags. The Phantom's 2nd Speciality, Guaranteed Results, gives players a 100% chance to inflict a status ailment against an enemy for a measly cost of 40 MP. With a proper setup, you can easily lock enemies in a status ailment that prevents their movements (sleep, paralyze, charm, etc).
Phantom Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravely Default 2 Sword Master.jpg
The Swordmaster is a seemingly normal combat class like all the other classes in the game. However, once the Swordmaster gains access to its 2nd Speciality, it can use its Sub-Job's second specialities as its own, giving it amazing potential.
Swordmaster Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

A Tier Jobs


Seth Vanguard Vignette.png
The A Tier is the borderline broken characters. To start with the A Tier, we'll be talking about the Vanguard first. this class is similar to the Beastmaster but more tame. The Vanguard's 2nd Speciality raises its physical attack depending on the amount of target chance he/she has. Compared to the Beastmaster, you can only max out your physical attack which makes it a tamer version of the Beastmaster.
Vanguard Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Shield Master Details.jpg
For the Shieldmaster, you'll have to be a bit more creative to fully exploit it. Since it can don two shields, raising its elemental resistances will be an easy feat. It also has an ability that allows it to protect allies that are on critical HP. However, what isn't apparently obvious is that it can protect all allies that are in critical HP. This means that it can block AOE attacks that targets the whole party! To further expand this, if an enemy uses an elemental attack and you have the resistance to the said attack, you'll be able to negate the damage not just for yourself but for your whole team! If you could change the element of your enemy's attack, in theory you could block all their damage. This is where the next Job below comes in.

Shieldmaster Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravely Default 2 Oracle.jpg

Oracle is the pseudo partner of the Shieldmaster. Having an Oracle that can use Elemental Supplement on an enemy will allow your Shieldmaster to absorb an attack's damage if you use the corresponding elemental supplement to the enemy! Aside from the combo above, Oracle is also a great main Job to counter any Jobs with negative Specialities. For example, don't want to use the Arcanist's self damaging specialities? Use an Oracle and set the Arcanist as a Sub-Job!

Oracle Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

B Tier Jobs


Bravely Default II - Class Image Freelancer.png

While it's true that the Freelancer is a scaling class, compared to the Beastmaster, this Job requires a lot of effort to fully max out and it has a hard cap. Unlike the Beastmaster that can infinitely scale, the Freelancer's stat won't raise anymore after maxing all Jobs. To further weaken it, it doesn't have the best abilities in the game with only Body Slam and Mimic taking the spotlight. Freelancer's JP Up abilities make it important at the start of the game for leveling up Jobs quickly, but it fails to stand out as the game progresses.

Freelancer Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs| Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

White mage and Spirit Master

Gloria White Mage Vignette.pngBravely default 2 Spirit Master.jpg

While both classes are great and focus on healing, they tend to work best when used together. If you don't use them together, you're already handicapping yourself by lessening your party's healing capability. When combined, these Jobs are the best healer combo in the game, but not as amazing individually.

White Mage Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Spiritmaster Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


thief portrait (1).jpg

Thief's bread and butter will be the God Speed Strike ability. The God Speed Strike is strong enough to carry the party for several boss fights without trouble. However, with its immense casting cost and the lack of other helpfull skills as well as its other abilities that costs a hefty amount of BP, Thief failes to make it out of B tier.

Thief Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Salve Maker Image.jpg

The Salve-Maker itself isn't a great class on its own initially. However, if you wish to farm up for massive amounts of Elixirs, then the Salve-Maker becomes the best healing class in the game. It makes the B tier thanks to its flexibility when partnered with Phantom (guaranteed results + compound = choose your ailments) and its potential to be the best healer.

Salve-Maker Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Red Mage

Red Mage Portrait.jpg

The Red Mage is arguably, the best Mage Job in the game. The Oracle only takes the higher tier thanks to the Elemental Supplement + Shieldmaster abuse, but for raw potential, the Red Mage easily takes the spotlight. Double casting spells means it can deal way more damage if built properly. It also gains the ability to apply ailments depending on the magic it uses, making it an extremely versatile spell caster!

Red Mage Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravebearer portrait (1).jpg

The Bravebearer has a lot of stats but most of its core ability relies on grinding in the game. It has infinite scaling similar to the Beastmaster, but the requirements for you to reach it is absurd. Play the game for hundrends of hours or beat millions of enemies to reach your dream damage just isn't the best alternative when you can just capture a lot of monsters for a few hours. A great Job, but its obtainability makes it outclassed by its counterparts. Don't neglect it though as its Sub-Job speciality 2 is one of the best Support abilities in the game!

Bravebearer Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

C Tier Jobs


Hellblade Job.jpg

Most Jobs on the C Tier are what we call the balanced Jobs. The Hellblade's good stats and regen is negated by its low speed and negative BPs when dying. It's Speciality 1 is great for tanks so if you learn the Sub-Job speciality 1, it can become a pretty decent Sub-Job on its own.
Hellblade Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bastion Job.jpg

Bastion's abilities costs a lot of HP and it can only block one move. Thanks to Bastion's speed and its costs, spamming its move isn't efficient. It's also outclassed by the Shieldmaster in terms of tanking. A tank class that consumes its HP to produce results that are seldom useful. Why negate damage when a double shielded tanker can just take all of them for 50 damage?

Bastion Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Elvis Bard.png

The Bard is a great Job but it only finds its usefulness on few occasions. It's unusuble against normal enemies and some bosses dont even needs buffs or counters them which makes the Bard a niche choice.

Bard Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravely Default 2 Dragoon.jpg

The Dragoon is a fun class but is outclassed by several damage dealers in the game. It's definitely not a bad class but the damage capabilities of other Jobs greatly outshine Dragoon. The Thief can deal more damage and steal more resources. Other classes like Vanguard can also deal more damage. It's only redeeming ability is Jump which can potentially save characters from strong attacks.

Dragoon Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

D Tier Jobs


Arcanist Job.jpg

The Arcanist is self-explanatory and can only be really used as a Sub-Job or on a team that's built around its ability to negate or absorb its own damage.

Arcanist Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravely Default II - Class Image Berserker.png

The Berserker's stats, aside from its speed, is actually pretty great. However, the BP costs it has coupled with its high MP costs from its skills makes it a lack luster Job on its own. Even as a Sub-Job, other options are just much better.

Berserker Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Adelle Monk Vignette.png

The Monk is by far, the best one out of the D Tier but its lack of a good support ability makes it stay on the D Tier. Also, its health draining attacks make it in constant need of healing in battle.

Monk Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

E Tier, the least useful Jobs


Pictomancer Details.jpg

The Pictomancer is a cool class that can inflict the rare light and dark elemental attacks. It can also inflict unique ailments like Daub and even Doom! It's bad stats however, it's pretty impractical and outclassed by its counterpart Bard. It can only debuff one enemy while the Bard automatically buffs the whole party. It's self buff can only target itself and its ailments aren't too useful.

Pictomancer Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Ranger Details.jpg

The Ranger is the worst damage class in the game. With Dual Wield's immense potential, opting to use a Bow in itself, is already disadvantageous. Its slayer abilities are also underwhelming even with its 2nd Speciality which makes it fall to the E tier. However, Ranger does make a good partner for Phantom by being able to Paralysis lock enemies. Consider combining this with Phantom for tough boss fights.

Ranger Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs


Bravely Default II - Gambler Portrait.png

Gambler is a funny class but its damage output is terrible. It's gambling abilities are also unreliable but if you're looking for a fun class, the Gambler is the way to go. Outside of combat, it's pg-based moves can also make for an effective pg farming method.

Gambler Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Black Mage

black mage portrait.jpg

Lastly, the Black Mage. It's the first Mage class you obtain in the game, but it fails to stand out in the long-run. The game lacks a lot of options to build magician classes which makes the Black Mage weak. Furthermore, it is outclassed by Oracle and Red Mage which have better abilities. Why use Firaga that deals 2000 damage when an Oracle can hit with the same damage three times in one turn?

Black Mage Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Job Tier List Criteria

Broken / Overpowered level

With the massive amount of Jobs available in the game, some will end up standing out more than others. For example, some Jobs are able to break the game. These Jobs receive our S and A Tier rankings respectively based on how much they break the game.


Some Jobs are clearly desgined to do a specific task. However, there are several Jobs that can just do more things than they are clearly meant to do. For Jobs that can easily be used on a wide range of situations, a higher tier was assessed.

Effectiveness in battle

How effective each Job is in battle. Despite good stats or abilities, some Jobs may have drawbacks such as high costs or skills that damage the user. If a Job can do a specific task better than other Jobs, it will be placed higher.

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3 Anonymousover 2 years

Pretty bad list actually.

2 Anonymousalmost 3 years

The list has many flaws. Example: The spiritmasters second specialty make it so brocken like nothing else with auto hp/mp recovery and auto aliment/buff and debuff canceling and the fact that it cant die by over 20% hp. Why should you not use it. Too bad for the Bard that he becomes of that, basicly usllese.


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