Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Beastmaster Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Bravely Default II - Beastmaster Job Abilities and Proficiencies

This is a guide to the Beastmaster Job class in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know all the details about the Beastmaster Job including its abilities, specialties, stat modifiers, and weapon proficiencies!

Beastmaster Overview

Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster Portrait
Beastmaster Overview
・The monsters beastmasters control aren't as single-mindedly damage-focused as you might think.
・To get the most out of this job, seek out the best beastly companions.
・Spears are a suitable weapons for most magic-based jobs.

Beastmaster Overall Stats

Bravely Default 2 HP Ratio Bravely Default 2 MP Ratio Bravely Default 2 Strength Ratio Bravely Default 2 Defense Ratio
MagicMagic DefenseHealing PowerAgility
Bravely Default 2 Magic Ratio Bravely Default 2 Magic Defense Ratio Bravely Default 2 Healing Power Bravely Default 2 Agility Ratio

How to Play the Beastmaster

Focus on Defense and Summon Allies!

The Beastmaster's stats pretty much speaks for itself. It's a pretty versatile class that can do several things on the battlefield depending on the captured enemies you have. It can play as the healer, it can deal damage, and it can support as well! Get hunting! For a detailed list on the best monsters to summon with Beastmaster, check out our guide below!

Beastmaster Monster Guide | The Best Monsters for the Beastmaster Job Class

Beastmaster Ability List

Ability Type Cost Level Effect
Capture Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand - 1 Capture a weakened monster. Chance of success is based on the target's remaining HP—the lower the better. Will not work on humans or more powerful enemies.
Off the Leash Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand - 2 Let a captured monster loose on a target.
Staggering Swipe Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 19 MP 3 Perform a physical attack on a target and significantly delay their next action.
Muzzle Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 12 MP 4 Attempt to silence multiple targets
Mow Down Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 21 MP 5 Perform a physical attack on all targets.
Mercy Strike Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 11 MP 6 Perform a physical attack on a target. This attack cannot reduce HP below one.
Raw Power Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 7 Every use of the Brave command increases physical attack by 10% until the end of the turn.
Spearhead Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 8 The user will act first in battle when a spear is equipped, unless the enemy has the advantage.
Mercy Smash Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 35 MP 9 Perform a powerful physical attack on a target. This attack cannot reduce HP below one.
MP Saver Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 10 Reduces MP consumption by 20%.
Beast Whisperer Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 11 Roughly 30% chance of capturing defeated monsters
Off the Chain Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 2 BP 12 Send a captured monster to brutally savage a target.
Muzzling Maelstrom Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 115 MP 13 Use equipped spear to perform four powerful physical attacks at random. These attacks may also silence their targets.
Brute Force Bravely Default 2 Support Ability IconSupport 1 Slot 14 Increases physical attack by 50% when three BP are spent performing the Brave command in the same turn.
Nature's Blessing Bravely Default 2 Command Ability IconCommand 1 BP 15 Reduce the user's MP costs to zero for two turns.

Best Abilities

checkmarkMP Saver
checkmarkMercy Strike
checkmarkRaw Power

MP Saver

With the high MP costs in Bravely Default 2, having a support ability that can reduce it by a whooping 20% is a great ability to have! Make sure to play the Beast Master for your mage classes to get this skill!

Mercy Strike

Mercy Strike's primary use is to reduce the enemy's HP to a capturable level without killing it. However, it is also a move that can deal a decent amount of damage. Use it not just for monster hunting but for dealing damage as well!

Raw Power

Braving 4 times is always done when you want to deal damage or be on the offensive. An ability that can increase your damage further during this period allows you to dish out massive damage. Make sure to learn this for your attacker characters!

Beastmaster Speciality and Special Ability


Specialities Effects
Animal Rescue When an attack on the user reduces their HP to 20% or lower, a random captured monster will be let loose on the enemy.
Creature Comforts All stats are increased by an amount based on the number of monsters you've caputred.

Speciality 2 Can only be learned after leveling the Beastmaster to Level 12.

Special Ability

Special Ability
Their Master's Voice
Stike all enemies with a powerful physical attack.
Bonus Effects
Physical Attack+15%
Magical Attack +15%
Use Taming x 13.

Beastmaster Weapon Proficiencies

Below are the weapons proficiencies for the Beastmaster job. Refer to this section to know which weapons are best suited for the Beastmaster job.

sword icon bravely default 2,size :20x20 Sword Proficiency Rank Bravely Default 2 Dagger Icon Dagger Proficiency Rank Bravely Default 2 Ax Icon AxProficiency Rank Bravely Default 2 Shield Icon Shield Proficiency Rank
Bravely default 2 Spear Icon Spear Proficiency Rank Bravely Default 2 Bow Icon Bow Proficiency Rank Bravely Default 2 Staff Icon Staff Proficiency Rank

How to Unlock the Beastmaster Job

Defeat Anihal in the Underground Reservoir

Bravely Default II - Anihal.png

Anihal is a boss that you'll fight in the Underground Reservoir. She has an arsenal of beasts under her command so make sure to eliminate those first before focusing on fighting her.

How to Beat Anihal

Best Sub-Jobs for Beastmaster


Bravely Default II - Class Image Freelancer.png

Monster Hunting requires you to check enemy info and learn how much HP they have. The freelancer's examine ability makes this extremely easy so do try having a freelancer in your party or set it as a Sub-Job to make monster capturing easier!


Bravely Default 2 Dragoon.jpg

Both classes fully utilize the spear and can deal more damage to silenced enemies. It can also use the Dragoon's Several offensive abilities to increase the Beastmaster's damage repertoire and use Spirit Surge to restore MP and resume using Mercy abilities for those guaranteed captures!

Bravely Default 2 Job Guides

Jobs List

Jobs Partial Banner.png

List of Jobs

Freelancer Bravely Default 2Freelancer White Mage Icon.pngWhite Mage Black Mage Icon.pngBlack Mage Monk Icon.pngMonk
Vanguard Icon.pngVanguard Thief Icon.pngThief Bard Icon.pngBard Beastmaster Icon.pngBeast Master
Gambler Icon.pngGambler Berserker Icon.pngBerserker Red Mage Icon.pngRed Mage Hunter Icon.pngRanger
Shieldmaster Icon.pngShieldmaster Pictomancer Icon.pngPictomancer Dragoon Icon.pngDragoon Swordmaster Icon.pngSwordmaster
Spiritmaster.pngSpiritmaster Salve-Maker.pngSalve-Maker Oracle.pngOracle Bastion.pngBastion
Phantom.pngPhantom Arcanist.pngArcanist Hellblade.pngHellblade Hellblade.pngBravebearer

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