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Seth Character Guide

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Here is the character guide for Seth in Bravely Default 2. Learn everything you need to know about this character including their backstory, personality, and skills!

Seth Basic Information

A seafarer who was washed ashore in an unfamiliar realm after the power of the Crystals saved him from an unseasonal storm.

Skills and Abilities

Seth Freelancer.png
Seth starts off as a Freelancer when the game starts. As a playable character, he is free to switch to any of the other Jobs that the player sees fit.

Seth Vanguard Vignette.png
After defeating Selene and Dag, we see a vignette featuring Seth with the Vanguard Asterisk.

List of All New and Returning Job Classes

Seth Profile and Backstory


Shipwrecked Seafarer

Seth Shipwrecked Seafarer.png
The story starts with Seth washed up on a shore near Halcyonia. Gloria and Sir Sloan find Seth and take him to town to recover. After getting some rest, he soon meets Elvis and Adelle on the same shore he washed up on.

Returning the Favor

Seth Returning the Favor.png
Sir Sloan explains to the newly formed trio that Gloria has been taken hostage in exchange for the Wind Crystal. Wishing to help her, Seth and company take the initiative to assist Sir Sloan in rescuing Gloria.

The Heir to the Wind Crystal's Blessing

Seth The Heir to the Wind Crystal
After saving Gloria from her hostage situation, the Wind Crystal speaks to Seth. It is revealed that the Wind Crystal is responsible for helping Seth survive his shipwreck. In exchange for the power granted by the crystal, Seth has vowed to take responsibility in preventing an impending calamity.

Sir Sloan's Request

Seth Sir Sloans Request.png
Sir Sloan reveals that he used to wield the blessing of the Wind Crystal as well and was labeled as a Hero of Light. He expresses relief that Seth was the one to inherit this blessing but as such, urges Seth to take on a new responsibility. Seth vows to protect Gloria, much like Sloan had done.

Chapter 1

Prejudiced Encounter

Seth Prejudiced Encounter.png
Seth and his companions arrive in Savalon and they approach the palace to get more information about the whereabouts of the Water Crystal. After Prince Castor suggests seeking the aid of Savalon's Council of Elders, Seth expresses his joy for this lead. However, Prince Castor shows his disdain for commoners as he attempts to silence Seth from speaking among nobility. Seth brushes it off and pays it no mind.

Questioning Anihal

Seth Questioning Anihal.png
To get more information on the Water Crystal's thief, the team decide to look for Anihal, the young girl that often accompanies Bernard. They learn that Bernard took her in to look after her after she had lost her family. It's clear from her that she owes her life to Bernard, and that she is extremely loyal to him, perhaps to a fault.

It seems that Bernard often threatens Anihal by telling her he will dispose of her if she becomes useless. Seth suggests that Anihal shouldn't allow Bernard to treat her like a thing to be cast aside, but Anihal's loyalty makes her defend Bernard.

The Water Crystal's Power

Seth Bernard has the Crystal for Sure.png
As Seth and the team investigate the underground waterways of Savalon, they find an abundance of water that could only have been caused by the Water Crystal. After learning that the source is close to Bernard's mansion, their suspicion grows even further. They decide to infiltrate Bernard's Mansion to learn about what is happening once and for all.

Showdown with Bernard

Showdown with Bernard.png
The team end up finding the Water Crystal in Bernard's Mansion. Upon its discovery, the Water Crystal granted its blessing onto Gloria. With this the rest of the team turn the tables on Bernard. The two sides do battle until our heroes end up taking the thief down.

Prince Castor Appears

The Princes Scheme.png
Despite losing against the team, Bernard doesn't seem to show a single sign of remorse. The prince soon appears and it is revealed that he has been in cahoots with Bernard all along.

The Twisted Prince

Gloria The Twisted Kings Wishes.png
However, the prince takes this opportunity to slay Bernard and pin his death onto Gloria and the rest of the team. It is revealed that his true motives are to take the Crystal's power for himself. He sends the team away to be imprisoned as he claims possession of the Water Crystal.

Locked Up

Seth No Way Out.png
Now sitting in the dungeons of Savalon, Seth tries to come up with a way out. He eventually gives up, recognizing that they are locked up tight. Castor soon appears explaining that he feels that it is his duty as protector of his realm to provide for Savalon.

Anihal's Rescue

Anihals Rescue.png
Shortly after Castor leaves the dungeons, Anihal appears to set the team and Prince Pollux free. Prince Pollux asks the team to confront Castor and to help his kingdom.

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