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Here is the character guide for Dag in Bravely Default 2. Learn everything you need to know about this character including their backstory, personality, and skills!

Dag Basic Information

A mercenary of unknown origin who's a close companion of the steely Selene. Despite his brawn and boorish manner, he's a hard worker and a faithful friend.

Skills and Abilities

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As a Vanguard, Dag makes up for the damage-dealing that Selene can't provide. Be wary of high damage abilities such as Cross Cut and Sword of Stone.

How to Beat Selene and Dag

Selene Profile and Backstory


Extorting Gloria

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Selene and Dag assault Gloria and Sir Sloan in the Halcyonia plaza. After threatening to hurt an innocent child, Gloria volunteers to be taken hostage instead. Dag proceeds to relentlessly beat up Sir Sloan as they Selene takes Gloria away. .

Taking Gloria Hostage

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While waiting at the abandoned house, Selene and Dag foil Sir Sloan's efforts to rescue Gloria. At least that's what they thought until the Wind Crystal shone brightly and granted its blessing to Seth. Selene and Dag confront the heroes in an attempt to secure the Wind Crystal.

Losing Her Asterisk

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After facing defeat from our heroes, Selene and Dag lose their asterisks and decide to flee from the scene. We later learn that they were hired by Prime Minister Horten in his attempts to acquire the Wind Crystal to seize power in Halcyonia.

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