Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

List of Bows

Check here for the list of Bows found in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. We have everything you need to know from stats to special abilities!

List of Bows

Weapon List
Name Stats Location
Bravely Default II - ShortbowShortbow Phys Atk: 31
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Savalon.
Bravely Default II - Iron BowIron Bow Phys Atk: 43
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Savalon.
Bravely Default II - Mythril BowMythril Bow Phys Atk: 52
Magic Atk: 50
Shop at Wiswald.
Bravely Default II - AngelAngel's Bow Phys Atk: 66
Magic Atk: 60
Shop at Wiswald.
Bravely Default II - Quickdraw BowQuickdraw Bow Phys Atk: 74
Magic Atk: 67
Shop at Wiswald after defeating Lily.
Bravely Default II - Ancient BowAncient Bow Phys Atk: 92
Magic Atk: 83
Chest inside Wayward Woods in Wiswald. Shop at Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - Great BowGreat Bow Phys Atk: 104
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Rimedhal after defeating Helio and Gladys. Chest southeast of Rimedhal.
Bravely Default II - Shigeto BowShigeto Bow Phys Atk: 118
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Halcyonia after defeating Lonsdale.
Bravely Default II - ArtemisArtemis's Bow Phys Atk: 123
Magic Atk: 116
Chest in Holograd Army HQ.
Bravely Default II - YoichiYoichi's Bow Phys Atk: 136
Magic Atk: 0
Complete the quest: To Arms!
Bravely Default II - ApolloApollo's Bow Phys Atk: 129
Magic Atk: 117
Complete the quest: For the Common Good.
Bravely Default II - Ama-no-KagoyumiAma-no-Kagoyumi Phys Atk: 132
Magic Atk: 126
Shop at Rimedhal after defeating Adam.
Bravely Default II - EurytosEurytos' Bow Phys Atk: 143
Magic Atk: 129
Dropped item.
Bravely Default II - Sylvan BowSylvan Bow Phys Atk: 151
Magic Atk: 141
Shop at Mag Mell.
Bravely Default II - Speed BowSpeed Bow Phys Atk: 167
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Mag Mell after defeating The Nights Nexus for the first time.
Bravely Default II - TristanTristan's Bow Phys Atk: 172
Magic Atk: 163
Dropped item. Stealable item.
Bravely Default II - Longshot BowLongshot Bow Phys Atk: 178
Magic Atk: 178
Dropped by Shirley in Hall of Tribulation II
Bravely Default II - Wildwood BowWildwood Bow Phys Atk: 202
Magic Atk: 0
Dropped by Lily in Hall of Tribulation VII
Bravely Default II - Farsight BowFarsight Bow Phys Atk: 168
Magic Atk: 195
Dropped by Domenic in Hall of Tribulation IV

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