Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Kill Undead Enemies in One Hit

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An enemy undead giving you a hard time? Fret not! Learn how to kill undead enemies in one hit in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) on the Nintendo Switch. Read on to know how undead enemies work in Bravely Default 2 as well as strategies to killing them easily.

How to Beat Undead Enemies?

Use Restorative Spells/Items

Undead Enemy Hi-Potion
Undeads have a special characteristic unique to them from other enemy types. All recovery effects on undead will deal damage to them instead of healing them! This means that white mage healing spells can greatly damage undeads as well as items like potions.

Avoid using drain attacks

There are several abilities that allows you to deal damage to enemies and recover those resources back. The Thief's Life Steal in Bravely Default 1, for example, it damages the enemy and absorbs it as your character's own. Since undead's HP are in the negative, you'll be absorbing negative HP which will damage you.

How to One-Shot Undead Enemies

Use Revival Items / Spells

Since undead enemies are dead creatures, restoring them back to life will prove fatal to them. This is a famous strategy in several RPGs and Bravely Default is no exception. However, take note that undead enemies that are immune to the death status ailment will resist this so don't just throw your phoenix downs against new undead enemies you find.

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