Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Does Bravely Default 2 Have Multiplayer?

Bravely Default 2 Is Multiplayer Returning
Town Building? Abilink? Sending Powerful Moves to Allies? Here we answer if the multiplayer features of the earlier installments carries over to Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) on the Nintendo Switch!

Will Bravely Default 2 Have Multiplayer?

The game is unlikely to have multiplayer features

While the first two games have features that gives benefits to players if they add friends, those features will not carry over to Bravely Default 2. Currently there are no announcements of multiplayer functions, although it could be added in a later update.

Keypoints On Why Multiplayer May Not Return in Bravely Default 2

Battle Menu Has No Extra Space For Multiplayer Commands

bravely default 2 battle menu

On the previous installments, summon friend is one of the commands available to your characters during battle. While it is possible that the command simply wasn't added in the demo, the total commands already totals to six which is the maximum number of commands you can use by judging the command window's size.

No Official Announcements For Multiplayer

The game has been announced to be single player. Despite previous installments of Bravely Default having multiplayer, no announcements regarding adding a multiplayer feature have come out.

Multiplayer Can Give or Cause Disadvantages

While having friends can bolster your fighting power in the prequels, having certain areas or bosses that require cooperation could make it very difficult for solo players to progress in certain areas. This makes multiplayer features for bravely default a double edged sword and the devs may have opted to remove it due to its nature.

Boat Exploration

While the game does not have any friend systems nor the ability to call allies to battle, it does have the newly made Boat Exploration feature! It's an AFK mode that allows you get items while the console is on sleep mode. Make sure to talk to the Boat lady after doing her quest to initiate your sea journey!

Boat Exploration Guide

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