List of Daggers | Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

Check here for the list of Daggers found in Bravely Default 2 for the Nintendo Switch. We have everything you need to know from stats to special abilities!

List of Daggers

Weapon List
Name Stats Location
Dagger Phys Atk: 18
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Halcyonia.
Kukri Phys Atk: 22
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Halcyonia.
Mythril Dagger Phys Atk: 29
Magic Atk: 27
Shop at Savalon.
Magic Knife Phys Atk: 35
Magic Atk: 33
Shop at Wiswald.
Stab & Grab Phys Atk: 41
Magic Atk: 30
Chest in Bernard's Mansion
Orichal Dagger Phys Atk: 45
Magic Atk: 42
Shop at Wiswald.
Main-Gauche Phys Atk: 54
Magic Atk: 50
Shop at Rimedhal. Complete the quest: Seek Out that Weakness!
Air Knife Phys Atk: 63
Magic Atk: 61
Shop at Rimedhal.
Carving Knife Phys Atk: 70
Magic Atk: 0
Shop at Rimedhal after defeating Helio and Gladys. Complete the quest: The Ultimate Stew. Chest in Jaws of Judgement near Rimedhal.
Poison Dagger Phys Atk: 76
Magic Atk: 71
Chest in Frosty Forest.
Zwill Crossblade Phys Atk: 80
Magic Atk: 74
Shop at Halcyonia after defeating Lonsdale.
Ripper Phys Atk: 84
Magic Atk: 78
Chest in Flying Fortress.
Holy Dagger Phys Atk: 86
Magic Atk: 83
Complete the quest: A Message from the Shadows.
Yatagarasu Phys Atk: 89
Magic Atk: 83
Shop at Rimedhal after defeating Adam.
Assassin Dagger Phys Atk: 92
Magic Atk: 77
Shop at Mag Mell. Chest in Chromatite Mines.
Falcon Knife Phys Atk: 97
Magic Atk: 86
Chest in Musa.
Darksteel Kukri Phys Atk: 98
Magic Atk: 92
Shop at Mag Mell.
Highroad Star Phys Atk: 109
Magic Atk: 102
Shop at Mag Mell after defeating The Nights Nexus for the first time.
Carnwenhan Phys Atk: 117
Magic Atk: 110
Dropped item. Stealable item.
Givampalui Phys Atk: 128
Magic Atk: 128
Dropped by Bernard in Hall of Tribulation II
Vengeance Phys Atk: 134
Magic Atk: 118
Dropped by Marla in Hall of Tribulation VI

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