Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II)

How to Kill Wiki-Wikis

How to Beat Wiki Wikis
Did those shiny Wiki wikis run away again? Learn how to defeat these birds and net a hefty amount of experience and Job points in Bravely Default 2 (Bravely Default II) for the Nintendo Switch. Read on to learn how to kill Wiki-Wikis, how to hit them, and the best moves to use against them.

What Are Wiki-Wikis?

Shining birds that awards EXP and JP when killed


Wiki-Wikis are rare enemies that you can find in the world map. They often accompany groups of enemies so you won't find their actual model roaming in the map. They are easily identifiable due to their glistening feathers.
Wiki-Wiki Overview, Location, and Drops

How to Kill Wiki-Wikis?

Increase your Aim


Due to the bird's evasion, raising your aim is a helpful strategy in eliminating the said birds. Abilities like the Bard's (Won't) Be Missing You buff can aid your party in damaging them.

Bard Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Use Special Attacks

Seth Fault Line

Special attacks are moves that can grant buffs to your party and deal massive damage to a single target. Furthermore, these moves do not miss and are a great tool to use against Wiki-Wikis

Use Black Magic or Other Offensive Magics

black mage portrait.jpg

Black Magic can't deal absurd amounts of damage against Wiki-Wikis but since they don't miss, they can be a reliable source of damage against them. Don't hesitate to cast Black Magic on them when they are extremely low to secure those delicious EXP and JP! The higher your magic damage however, the more reliable this method gets so if you're in the later stages of the game, don't be afraid to nuke them with some good Disaster spells from the Red Mage.

List of Magics

Equip the Berserker's Bloody-Minded Ability

The Bloody-Minded ability ensures non of your attacks will miss at the cost of your character taking damage too. It is unpredictable when a Wiki-Wiki will be fought, so this is not recommended unless you are specifically farming for them. If do want to use this setup, learning the White Mage's drain HP attack first could help with regaining the lost HP.

Berserker Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Use Off the Chain Grizzly

Bravely Default 2 - Off the Chain Grizzly Wiki-Wiki

Using the Beastmaster's Off the Chain move and selecting Grizzly from the command menu lets you perform its powerful Armour-Piercing Paw ability.

This attack can kill a Wiki-Wiki in one hit as it can bypass the monster's Auto-Guard. However, the attack may still miss due to the enemy's evasion.

It is recommended to use the Bard's (Won't) Be Missing You to boost your aim first before using this method.

Beastmaster Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Use Phantom/Salve-Maker Compounding Method

Bravely Default 2 - Wiki Wiki Status Ailments

A Wiki-Wiki inflicted with numerous status ailments.

Having a level 12 Phantom with the Salve-Maker's Compounding ability guarantees all status ailments to be inflicted to an enemy as long as they are not immune to it.

The following table below contains all the confirmed status ailments that you can inflict to Wiki-Wikis using this method.

Paralysis AilmentParalysis Blindness AilmentBlindness Silence AilmentSilence
Dread AilmentDread Poison AilmentPoison Confusion AilmentConfusion
Dread AilmentContagion Poison AilmentCharm -

Using this exploit, you can paralyse-lock a Wiki-Wiki to prevent it from running away and unleash strong attacks while it is unable to act!

Secret Job Method

Bravely Default 2 - Bravebearer Job

The Bravebearer's Supergravity and Hypergravity abilities lets you deal massive to all enemies based on the user's current HP.

Using this ability lets you easily defeat the weaker Wiki-Wikis and even cut down a large amount of HP to the other variants. However, that this attack may still miss due to the monster's high evasion.

Bravebearer Job Abilities and Best Sub-Jobs

Wiki-Wikis run away quickly

Wiki wiki run away

When you spot a Wiki-Wiki, make sure to drop all the other plans you have for the fight. Brave 4 times for each character if you must, just make sure to use every last bit of offensive abilities you have against the Wiki-Wiki as soon as possible.

Inflict Status Ailments

While we haven't tested all the possible status ailments against Wiki-Wikis, below are the known status ailments to have worked against them. Found a status ailment that worked particularly well against Wiki-Wikis? Leave a comment below and aid our fellow warriors of light slay these elusive birds!

Paralysis AilmentParalysis Stop AilmentStop Sleep AilmentSleep
Freeze AilmentFreeze Poison Ailment.pngPoison

Do These Ailments Work for Big Wiki-Wikis too?

All ailment susceptabilities are the same!

The ailment list above also works against Big Wiki-Wikis. Make sure to prioritize immobilizing ailments to stop these birds from running away!

How to Kill Big Wiki-Wikis?

All Methods Above Works The Same!

Big Wiki-Wikis are just sturdier versions of these birds. Aside from the big Wiki-Wiki's status ailment vulnerabilities, the same procedure above will also work when fighting Big Wiki-Wikis!

How to Kill Queen Wiki-Wikis Easily

Obliterate Queen Wiki-Wikis.png
Queen Wiki-Wikis stand out among their kind as one of the easiest to farm in the late game, due to the plain fact that they are vulnerable to the Bravebearer's Obliterate. Obliterate allows any enemy that is 20 levels lower than you to be instantly killed in battle.

Thanks to this ability, Queen Wiki-Wiki farming is the fastest and most foolproof method of reaping the rewards from these evasive creatures. By chaining them in battle, it makes for a substantial way to swiftly earn JP in the late game.
How to farm JP Quickly

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6 Dbexabout 3 years

If you have beat master, you can catch Grizzlys and they one hit kill the Wiki Wiki

5 Dbexabout 3 years

You can also use off the chain and Grizzly, it's a one hit kill for the wiki wiki


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